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Ok I hate shopping.  Well let me back up.  I love shopping at places like Jo-Ann Fabrics and Craft Store, Lowes, Home Goods, IKEA, Kirkland’s, etc.  However, shopping for clothes is torture for me.  That is why I love services where a company sends you a batch of clothes each month.  First, I don’t have to leave my house.  Second I don’t have to go into a dressing room, but rather, get to try them on in the comfort of my own home.  But the most amazing reason I love it, is because it makes me step out of my comfort zone and try new things that I normally wouldn’t pick for myself.  When left to shop for myself I don’t take nearly as many risks as I do when someone picks clothes out for me.

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When Golden Tote asked me if they could send me a tote full of clothes I jumped on the opportunity.  Now I will say modeling these clothes and taking pictures was way worse than shopping for them myself. DOH! I didn’t think about that when I said yes to the tote. But because I love ya’ll and wanted to show you what Golden Tote has to offer – here I am with my first modeling debut.  No judgment umkay?  All clothes are a size medium.golden-tote-review

Now the way Golden Tote works is the first Monday of every month the totes go on sale at 9 a.m.  You pick a small tote (2-3 items) or a large tote (5-6 items). The prices are really awesome – it works out to about $26 per item. You get to pick one or two items and then they pick the rest for you based on your style profile. So do you like surprises? Scary, right?  I must say the stylists have better taste than I do.  While I do like what I chose I actually like what they chose for me way better.

So first let me show you what I chose.  First up, a comfy knit shirt with a floral top.  I loved the patterns of this and the longer sleeve length for spring days.  I have worn it several times and it is a great casual top.  I have a long torso so I wish it was about 2” longer.


Blue Kimono dress – I love wearing dresses in the summer.  I liked the kimono top and the tie in the back to help define my waist.  The length is perfect and it fits very well.



My favorite piece was this blousy sheer white polka dot shirt with a bow back detail that the stylist picked for me.  It is shorter in the front and longer in the back.  Like a mullet – only cooler.  LOL!  You obviously have to wear a tank underneath – unless you like showing off 😉 Paired with some skinny jeans it is really cute.  I wore it to church a couple of weeks ago and got a bunch of compliments on it.


Pretend the tag to my tank top tag is tucked in umkay?



Coral shift Dress – This is shorter than I normally wear but since I have been lifting weights I actually like my legs nowadays.  It is longer in the back than the front and has some pretty lace detail on the sleeves.  My only complaint is the way the lace lies on the sleeves.  I am going to try and starch it so it stays flat.  We will see how that works.



Goosebumpy arms – it was cold outside during my modeling shoot 🙂 See what I mean about the lace?


My least favorite piece is the purple lightweight cardigan.  I don’t think I own a lick of purple attire in my closet and I don’t usually wear cardigans.  I modeled it with the coral dress just to show you length, I obviously wouldn’t wear these two together.  After I looked at the pictures I actually liked it more though.




Now the thing that is kind of scary about Golden Tote is you basically keep the entire tote or send the entire tote back.  You can’t pick and choose what you like.  But they do have a VERY active facebook group that you can make trades or sell your stuff if something doesn’t work for you.  However, it is something to consider when making a tote purchase.  I got on there and listed the cardigan and had it sold in an hour.  Boom!

Tropical Tank – This tank is definitely not something I would choose for myself. In years past I haven’t worn many tanks because I didn’t love my arms.  But again, working out and getting my arms leaned has paid off – looks at those arms in that tank.  Whoop! Whoop!  I love the scalloped detail and how it fits.  The pattern isn’t my favorite but I think paired with a long necklace and earrings it will look great for summer.  And part of having someone else pick out clothes for you is that you take chances right?

DSC_0067golden-tote-tall DSC_0073golden-tote-tall


So there you have it.  I am very pleased with my tote and will definitely try Golden Tote again the future.


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  1. Really cute clothes!!! and I think you did a great job modeling, I KNOW how hard it is to do ‘self-photography”, it feels so weird and unnatural!!

  2. Hey, I meant to ask in my previous comment what kind of jeans you are wearing in the last photo with the floral tank? I really like them, even though I know that is not what you were trying to show us, LOL!! I am always on the lookout for some decent jeans that actually fit!
    p.s. great job on the working out. I know it’s hard to keep up on, so I admire your commitment…

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