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Today I have the perfect solution for creating a focal wall that is temporary. Renters rejoice! Using vinyl is a great way to create some interest to a wall without having to repaint it when you move or change your mind (in my case!).  And the gold and silver confetti wall was the perfect background to the cottage loft bed I built for my daughter.

DIY Wall Decor | Creating Temporary Gold & Silver Confetti Wall

Back before we moved to Ohio in August I was planning on redoing my daughter’s room in our old house in Indiana.  When it was looking like a move was in the future those plans came to a complete stop.  The bummer was that I had already started building her the Pottery Barn Cottage Loft Bed and she knew it.  So since about March of last year she keeps bugging asking me when the bed would be done.  So while I built the bed in Indiana, I didn’t paint or install it until we moved to Ohio – 9 months later.  And, of course, her bedroom wasn’t the first on my agenda to complete when we moved.  But since the garage, mudroom and family room are complete I decided to finally do Kayla’s room – partly because I wanted to loft bed pieces out of my garage. HA!

One of the big expenses we incurred when purchasing this house was getting all the doors and trim sprayed white.  It was a honey oak color everywhere.  I am just a huge fan of crisp white trim (I used Benjamin Moore’s White Dove).  I think it frames a room and just looks so nice paired with any color of paint.  Speaking of paint – the paint from the previous home owner’s was more pepto-bismol colored.

RMLS Picture of the Room

kaylas room

So we chose a Blush Pink by Benjamin Moore.  It is just a nice subtle pink shade rather than color. Next up was to create a focal wall behind the new cottage loft bed I built.  I have been loving all the dots on the walls lately so I decided to take both gold and silver vinyl and add them to look like confetti.  They key here was random – which makes sticking them to the wall a lot easier since you don’t have to try and keep a pattern.  I used about 168 dots – half of them silver and half of them gold.

I used my Silhouette Cameo machine but you can also order the vinyl on Say it on the Wall.  If you have a Silhouette machine here is the file.  You will need about 168 dots for a 10 foot wall. I used about 53” of premium vinyl of each color.

vinyl polka dots

I cut out (24) 3”, ((24) 2 1/2” and (36) 2” dots of both gold and silver.

gold vinyl dots on a wall

I taped off the wall of where I wanted to bulk of the dots to stop.  And of course piled everything else in the middle of the room.

adding polka dots to a wall

Although I did add a few lower than that to look like a natural drop off.

polka dot wal

I just stood back and then added more dots until it looked full to my fancy.  I even overlapped some of the dots.

gold and silver polka dot wall

The great part about using vinyl is you can remove them anytime you want.  I love the Craigslist beaded light I found and how the lights bounces off the polka dot wall.

confetti dots wall

And here is a picture of the cottage loft bed I built.  I will share the details of that soon!

vinyl confetti wall


Click here to order the polka dots!

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  1. I love it! I think I might try stars for my grandson’s room I just made him a loft bed for a Christmas gift.

  2. wow in the bed BUT who in the world would have ever imagined that some polka dots could have such an impact.!!

  3. Not only is it removable, gold and silver, but POLKA DOTS! And who doesn’t love those!?!
    They go in the room just so well!

  4. Love it!! I’ve recently “discovered” Wall Pops and am having a ball decorating with them! Temporary, removable, easy to use — as a renter, I find them t/b the perfect antidote to boring blank walls – (and when I change my mind or rearrange things — which I so often do — it’s a snap to move them — Perfect! I ADORE polka dots and can’t wait to order some — (in fact, in my mind’s eye I already have a zillion ideas for their use)!Keep those ideas coming!!

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