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Last month I shared with you that I received the new Heidi Swapp Minc Machine.  As a reminder, it is a machine that allows you to take a black and white laser print and apply colored foil to the top for a gorgeous shiny, metallic print.  To showcase the machine this month I thought I would do a foiled calendar.  Currently I am working on setting up my home office (more on that soon!) and needed a calendar for my desk.


I decided to use multiple colored foils for different colors for each month.


First you need to make sure you print this on a laser printer.  If you don’t have one available this is the one I have.  I bought it back in 2011 and have changed the laser cartridge twice.  It is awesome for black and white prints, however, it doesn’t print in color.  I have an inkjet for that purpose.  If you don’t have access to a laser printer you can have any office store print it for you.

Click below to download the calendar printable…

June – December 2015

January – December 2016

1.  Print out the calendar on 8 1/2†x 11†cardstock.  I used white but a colored cardstock or even black might look cool.


2.  Cut 1/4†off all of the sides with a paper cutter.  As you can see in the picture below I didn’t cut the top at first.  I was thinking I was going to spiral bind the top but ended up just using a clipboard so I later chopped the 1/4†off the top too.


3.  Using the calendar as a guide cut out your foil a little larger than your print.  I find it is easier to have the colored part face down and then add your print on top and then cut what you need.  That way you don’t waste any precious foil.


4.  Add your print to the plastic carrier sheet.  Add the foil (color side up) and press the top of the carrier sheet down.  Use your hand to flatten out all the wrinkles.



5.  Send the carrier sheet through the Minc machine on the #4 setting.


6.  Open carrier sheet and remove foil.  You are left with a gorgeous shiny calendar page.


I added mine to a clipboard and each month I can change the sheet with the new month and different foil color.


When the foil catches the light it shines so bright.


I added it to a clipboard to display in my new desk area.


This machine is so much fun.  I have another cool custom gallery art planned to show you next month using the Minc Machine.

The Minc is available for purchase at Jo-Ann Fabric and Craft Stores and Hobby Lobby.  It retails for $149.99.  Although it is 25% off at Jo-Ann this week!

Disclaimer:  This is a sponsored post and contains affiliate links.

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