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My 2 1/2 year old daughter is starting to want a say in what she wears.  And she also wants to change her clothes like 5 times a day.  I know… I am in trouble.  Luckily we are still at the stage in life where hand-me-down clothes are cool.  She got these silver Mary Jane shoes from a friend.  They have been worn and loved and really ought to be thrown out.  However, she always wants to wear these shoes.  She will have a pretty church dress on and insist on wearing her silver shoes.  I cringe when she puts them on because they are so scuffed up. Since they were headed to the trash anyway I thought why not try and spray paint them and get a little more wear out of them.

glittered shoes (9)


Rustoleum Berry Pink spray paint


Krylon’s Glitter Blast  Posh Pink spray paint

Hot Glue Gun


Krylon Clear Sealer

1.   I started out by removing the bow with some scissors and a seam ripper.


2.  Then I taped off the sole and the inside of the shoe.  This was definitely the hardest part.


3.  Then I painted them with the Berry Pink spray paint and let them dry.


4.  Then I sprayed them with the Glitter Blast Posh Pink spray paint and let them dry for about 30 minutes.  I sprayed them really well the Clear Sealant to seal the glitter on.  When you use that over the Glitter Blast you can’t even get a fleck of glitter off.


5.  Of course Kayla insisted on the shoe having the bows back on them.  Gah! What am I going to do with this girl! So I hot glued the bows back on. 

glittered shoes (14)

They aren’t perfect but my daughter exclaimed “They are soooooo bootiful Mommy.”  So that made me happy, and I am no longer embarrassed if she wears them out of the house.  With as fast as children’s feet grow this is a great way to stretch out the season with shoes.

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  1. Ooooh! Maybe I can make my daughter some “ruby” slippers out of shoes she already has for Halloween this year so she can be Dorothy! (I think she’s going to be Dorothy, and the three boys will be the scarecrow, lion, and tin man.)

  2. super cute! i was thinking of doing this to a pair of shoes for my daughter’s halloween costume…but we both love glitter so much, why not spray up a pair of her fave everyday shoes?! Love it!

    PS- My 3 year old would have asked for the bows back on too 😉

  3. Fabulous!!! Love it. They look brand spankin’ new! I’ll have to try that the next time I have a pair ready to throw out for my daughter.

  4. I made the mistake of looking at this post w/my 4 year old standing next to me! Needless to say she is very envious of Kayla’s new sparkly shoes! Those are stinkin’ darling! What a clever idea! So so cute. Thanks for sharing. That beats my “get the black sharpie out and color the scuffs away on black shoes” any day! lol

  5. What a genius idea! My daughter has the pink glitter shoes from Target…I think they’re Disney princess ones and they bug me b/c the glitter falls off everywhere and she leaves a trail of glitter everywhere she goes. I am definitely going to try that glitter blast over them or maybe even spray paint it again b/c the part where the glitter has come off is all white. Looks terrible! Your daughter’s little feet looks so cute!

  6. Hands down the best idea I have seen with this glitter paint! Such a fabulous way to upcycle shoes that have a cute shape but are all scuffed up. Love it!

  7. They make glitter in a spray paint?!? What planet have I been on that I missed this?!? (Oh yeah, the pregnant, puking and bedrest one.) spray paint that glitters….I’m in lust.

    Thanks for the post…I may have to glitter my seldom worn ecco sandals…just cause I can now!

  8. Ah Yes!!! i have a pair of Gray ballet flats that I love but they are a little rough looking now. I think I will do this to them! I will see what I can find in the grey family and go for it. Perfect solution. Thanks for sharing, And I will be putting the bow back on mine too!

  9. Those are awesome. It’s making me think I should spray a few different pairs of shoes around here … my girls love some glitter!

  10. I’m new to your blog and love that this was my first post to read. Your daughter sounds absolutely adorable! And her shoe makeover was a total hit!! Great job!

  11. Okay, the shoes are an adorable idea. Buy my goodnes — those cute little chunky toddler feet and ankles! I bet she’s got some darling little piggies, too! My baby girl just turned eleven and I miss those sweet shoes on her little girl feet… You are such a talented Mommy — I love seeing your creative ideas for your munchkins.

  12. No idea if this would make it easier, but what about stuffing the shoes with newspaper or paper towels instead of taping? Thanks for the great post…I can’t wait to try it out!

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