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Can you imagine what a vintage Easter would look like for a change? In a world inundated with technology and social media, there’s a compelling allure to stepping back into a simpler time, particularly during holidays.

Picture a scene where handmade Easter baskets brimming with dyed eggs adorn the home, where children gleefully search for treasures hidden in the garden, and where the aroma of homemade treats fills the air.

It’s a time when families gather around the table, not smartphones, to share a meal steeped in tradition. Easter bonnets adorned with delicate flowers and ribbons grace the heads of children, while homemade decorations and treats take center stage.

Religious observances are embraced with reverence, and communities come together for parades and fairs filled with music, games, and laughter. In this vintage Easter setting, the emphasis is on simplicity, tradition, and the joy of shared experiences.


What Would a Vintage Easter Look Like?

Traditional Easter Decorations:

In a vintage Easter setting, you would likely find traditional decorations such as handmade Easter baskets filled with dyed eggs, paper streamers, wreaths and crepe paper flowers adorning the house.

These decorations would often be crafted at home rather than store-bought.

eastereggtree centerpiece 1

Easter Egg Hunts:

A vintage Easter would likely feature an Easter egg hunt, where children would search for eggs hidden in the garden or around the house.

These eggs might be dyed with natural dyes like beetroot for pink, onion skins for yellow, and spinach for green.

Rice Krispie Easter Egg
Rice Krispie Easter Egg

Homemade Easter Treats:

Families would often bake homemade Easter treats such as hot cross buns, Easter bread, and cakes decorated with pastel-colored icing and sugar decorations. Chocolate eggs might also be handmade rather than store-bought.

Family Gatherings:

Easter would be a time for families to come together and celebrate. A vintage Easter might involve extended family members gathering for a meal featuring traditional dishes like roast lamb or ham, accompanied by seasonal vegetables.

Easter Bonnets and Outfits:

It was customary for people, especially children, to wear Easter bonnets or hats adorned with flowers, ribbons, and feathers. Easter outfits would be carefully chosen, often featuring pastel colors and floral patterns.

Religious Observances:

For many, Easter holds religious significance, and vintage celebrations would likely include attending church services on Easter Sunday. There might be Easter plays or reenactments of the Passion story as part of the church’s observances.

happy easter easter cross 02 thumb

Simple Entertainment:

Without the modern distractions of technology, entertainment during a vintage Easter might involve simple activities like singing Easter songs, playing games such as egg rolling or egg tapping, or telling stories about Easter folklore and traditions.

Also some vintage board games sounds like a great idea.

Community Events:

In many communities, there would be Easter parades or fairs featuring music, dancing, and various games and activities for people of all ages.

Printable Vintage Bunnies

Whether you’re planning a family Easter craft session or decorating for a festive gathering, this Easter Bunny Templates offers endless possibilities.

Simply download and print the template onto quality cardstock, then let your creativity soar! Use it as a stencil for creating charming Easter decorations, a centerpiece for your holiday table, or even as a template for homemade Easter cards.

Bring a touch of old-world charm to your Easter celebrations. A timeless keepsake that celebrates the joy and magic of the season in true vintage style.

Overall, a vintage Easter would be a time of simplicity, tradition, and togetherness, with an emphasis on handmade decorations, homemade treats, and spending time with loved ones.

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