Last weekend a family from our church opened up their home to all the staff and we had a big picnic there. They had an amazing house complete with an inground pool and a lake to fish and paddle boat in. Tim took Isaac fishing. Everyone was pulling out little blue gills and lookie what Isaac caught (with dad’s steady hand of course). He was pretty blown away when this giant catfish came out of the water.

Sorry for the cheesy smiles. He does that intense “cheeeeeeeese” and contorts his face like this…

I know one day he will kill me for making him where this bright swim suit…but hey, it keeps him safe.

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  1. I LOVE the blue spandex suit!!

    So did you keep it and fry it up or toss it back?

    What a great memory for him

  2. My boy does the big CHEESE grin too. For that matter, so does my four year old!

    ~ Sarah

  3. Do you think they make that suit in my size? I think it would be so flattering…. 🙂

    He looks so happy! What a fun memory!

  4. that’s one for his graduation party slideshow!!

    too cute!

    …missin’ those cheeks!!

  5. The way that the suit kind of squeezes down on his cute chubby legs, reminds me of how it would look on me. I always say that we are born with some chub, then have a few good years in the middle, and then we get it again. I wish I wasn’t over the “few good years in the middle part”!

  6. I’m so glad I found your blog–you’re my kind of girl! I love all of your projects!

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