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Father’s Day always creeps up on me.  I think the reason why is because it is summer and my schedule is thrown out the window.  Well if you can relate and haven’t gotten pops anything yet here are some gifts that we have in our home and love!  With Amazon Prime 2 day shipping they can be to your door by Sunday.

last minute father's day gifts

Popsocket is a cool little device you stick on the back of your phone, ipad, or other device.  It expands to help you hold your phone easier, prop your phone up, or you can upgrade and grab a pop clip to mount it on your dashboard.  I just purchased one for my phone and I am shocked at how often I use mine.  Here is a little video to tell you more.


pop socket

Worx switch driver is a genius invention!  If your dad likes being in the woodshed a lot this drill is awesome.  No stopping mid project to pre-drill holes and remove bits constantly.  Just a quick switch from driver to bit.  I love mine, especially when I am building furniture.  Game changer for sure!  It is $100 so maybe you can split the cost with a sibling to help offset the cost.

switch driver


Remote Control Electrical Outlet Switch for Household Appliances is amazeballs.  I literally bought them for my kids rooms, the guest room and our family room.  You plug the outlets into the wall and then plug your appliance into the outlet and it instantly becomes powered by a remote.  This is awesome for rooms that don’t have overhead light.  I actually took some 3M picture hanging strips and mounted it near another light switch and then when I leave the room I can shut off all the lights like it is a switch.  We have nightlights, our tortoise heat lamp, fans, and lamps on these.  #obsessed

wireless remote


Sennheiser Wireless Headphones have been a gift to myself really.  I can’t handle sports noise in the background.  When my husband wants to watch a game and go in the “zone†he puts the headphones on and watches the game and the rest of us don’t have to put up with sports chatter.  I got these for my dad a couple of years ago too because he is hard of hearing.  He constantly has his TV up full blast and it drove everyone else crazy.  The nice part is he can wear his headphones and then we can set the TV at a normal volume and everyone is happy.

wireless headphones


Cellto wallet phone case.  Both my husband and I have used these for years.  No need for a wallet anymore.  You can carry cash and your credit cards all in your phone case.  And for under $10 it is a steal.


cellto phone case

I hope these help give you some ideas.  These have been popular gifts for the men in my life.  All of the links are my Amazon affiliate links and I get a small kickback if you purchase.  So thanks in advance if you purchase one!

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