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Can’t help falling in love with this Farmhouse Bench every time I look at it now. And it was really easy to make in the end!

About a decade ago my hubby and I purchased our kitchen table. It is a rectangle table that expands to a square to seat 8. 99% of the time we have it as a rectangle with 6 chairs around it.

Instead of purchasing two more chairs to accommodate 8, we bought a two-person bench type chair. (See the bench to the left of that picture below). Big mistake. But instead, I ended up making an adorable farmhouse bench with a weathered grey finish from my favorite, Ana White.



First of all, it is heavy and you have to find someplace to store it while not in use. It has been in our playroom for years.

Now to take this picture I had to purge underneath the bench to get all sorts of Beyblades, Barbies, and other toy paraphernalia out from under it. And it just looks so out of place in our playroom.



Secondly, it is kinda awkward. If we have people over I notice it is the last seat to be taken because it is kinda like sharing a chair – so only spouses will dare sit on it together.

Then if someone needs to get up both have to get up or shift in order to get someone out. We usually try and cram a few kids on the bench instead. So I decided to make a bench for that area.

Below is the bench I made from The Handbuilt Home book by Ana White.  And this particular plan is available free.

farmhouse bench

I received The Handbuilt Home from Ana White years ago and loved looking through it. It makes a great gift as well for crazy crafters, by the way.

Since I am a big Ana fan and also loved seeing all the other participating bloggers’ projects.

I saw the Farmhouse Bench on page 76 and knew it would be perfect to use as seating for our kitchen table and provide extra storage with the bottom shelf that would blend in seamlessly in our playroom.

I set out to tweak the plans to accommodate our table width.  It was a super easy build, especially with the Kreg Jig.

The hardest part was using the jigsaw to cut out the curvy parts.

kreg jig

building a farmhouse bench


I tried by accident a paint treatment that made it look like a weathered gray and brown finish. And I truly love it.

Paired with some $7 industrial bins I found for cheap at Wal-mart (no longer available) and it makes this bench perfect.

industrial bins


I purchased pine wood at Lowes for this project as that is the cheapest route to go. After it was built I sanded the whole thing smooth to cut down on the sharp edges and make everything ready for stain.

I also distressed it a little by using a hammer and some nails to make it look older and worn. I used the same colored stain (Minwax Charcoal Gray).

Again it turned out looking more blue than gray.

minwax charcoal gray

I sanded much of it down again so the natural wood was showing through.

Then mixed chalk paint and a Minwax Ebony stain and painted that on and rubbed and wiped it off with a paper towel.

That gave it more of a gray color.

painting a farmhouse bench


I then used some CeCe Caldwell aging glaze over that to give it a little brown.

Then I put a couple of coats of clear wax over the top to seal it.

cece caldwell antiquing glaze


The results are stunning.

It reminds me of a Restoration Hardware finish.

I love it with the industrial metal bins but you could use almost any type of storage bin.

Foldable Fabric Storage Boxes are found almost everywhere and come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Or wire baskets with liners are also cute.


farmhouse bench with industrialbins


And now no more awkward “two-seated-but-feels-like-one-seat” bench.

farmhouse bench the handbuilt-home


It looks great in the playroom and takes up less space.

pbk knockoff flashcards


The flashcard art was another project you can make and makes an adorable addition to a playroom or child’s bedroom.

farmhouse bench pottery barn

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  1. This is great! Thanks for the tutorial. I have been on the lookout for a long bench with storage for under our projector screen at the beach house. The thing is, we need something about ten feet long, to be the right scale for the space. I may need to fly you out the Washington!

  2. Let me know when you buy the ticket! 😉 Honestly, it’s really an easy build. The hardest part is using the jigsaw for the curves.

  3. Sorry if this has already been answered – but what type of clear wax do you use? Starting a project today and don’t have the wax yet!

  4. Hi Molly, I used the Cece Caldwell clear wax because I had it but you can use any brand of clear wax. I know there are many less expensive brands available now at craft stores and hardware stores. I hope that helps!

  5. I’ve never used a kreg jig and there are several Anna White plans I want to make that use them…. What do you feel the difficulty level is in learning to use a kreg jig?

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