I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that we started laying laminate flooring in our kitchen.  Can I tell you how much I double loves my new flooring?  It transformed my kitchen.  Come on the adventure with me of the evolution of my kitchen…

We moved into our house December of 2007 with our kitchen looking like this…

house 014 house 015Craptastic oak cabinets…☑

Ugly silver knobs…☑

White walls…☑

Awful light fixtures…☑

Cheap linoleum floor…☑

Mismatching appliances…☑

No window treatments…☑

Here it is after about two months of living in the house…fresh coat of paint and new light fixtures.

Here is it as of March of 2009 after our $216.00 kitchen remodel

Craptastic oak cabinets

Ugly silver knobs

White walls

Awful light fixtures

No window treatments

Cheap linoleum floor…☑

Mismatching appliances…☑

All we had left to accomplish was to redo the flooring and buy some matching appliances.  Unfortunately, those were the two most expensive things on the list.  Since money doesn’t grow on trees over at Infarrantly Creative we have been saving our pennies because we are firm believers in paying cash for everything.

Cheap linoleum floor — GOODBYE!!

IMG_1173 IMG_1171 IMG_1172

Hellooooooo LUVAA!

IMG_1325 IMG_1327  IMG_1326I will tell you more about the process in my next post.  I will give you cost breakdown, the time commitment, the reasoning behind our flooring choice, etc.

But for right now say it with me….LOOOOOOOVES!

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  1. WOOOOWZERS!!!! That looks AWESOME! And believe me, there have been MANY times in the last 2 months I have wished we had done laminate. Scratching this hardwood is driving me crazy!

  2. GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGEOUS!!!! again, sooo jealous, but happy for ya! i'm workin' on Anthony!!!

  3. No wonder you're in love. That remodel is TOTALLY gorgeous. It looks like a completely different kitchen !

  4. What a great transformation! I can't wait to hear more about it. I want to know about the cabinets. They look fantastic.

  5. I also had ugly oak cabinets and am in the middle of painting them black! Love it so far! As for our ugly cream linoleum floor (that always looks dirty) we can't wait to get rid of it as well. Looking forward to hear more details about your flooring.

  6. the kitchen looks fantabulous! Love the whole new look the floors give the kitchen!

  7. WOW!! The floor is AMAZING! I love the way you painted your cabinets as well. Looks awesome!!

  8. I heart your black cabinets. You have transformed a blah kitchen into a fabulous one. The layout was good and now it looks amazing.

  9. Looks FABULOUS! Wish we could do that in our rental. How is it that it can be a brand new beautiful house they still choose nasty cabnets? If this were my house, they would have been painted the day we moved in!!

  10. WOW! Your kitchen is GORGEOUS!!! It looks completely different and I noticed you put molding on your island too! I can't wait to read how you did it all! The flooring is beautiful!

  11. Your floor looks just beautiful! I had this floor in my kitchen in the last house I used to live in, and i really liked them. One tip: don't ever mop it with a really soaking wet mop–it'll look all streaky. A mop that's only slightly damp works better. I didn't have a microfiber mop back then, but I bet that would work really well. Of course, the floors at your house might not get as dirty as the floors at my house–three boys can REALLY make a mess! 🙂

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Beee-you-tee-ful!!!! Love it! Getting rid of our craptastic vinyl floor in our kitchen was one of the first things we did too–except we did hardwood. Yours looks gorgeous!

    ~ Sarah

  13. What a lovely transformation, each new thing you guys do makes it look better and better for sure.

  14. Love it!!!!! Your before looks just like mine:( but I am painting my cabinets this spring and have saved your how to posts to look back on:)Great job!!!

  15. That looks terrific! You make me want to do this to MY craptastic kitchen and then blog about it even though I don't have a blog. I would start one just to talk about this.

  16. LOVE the changes! Huge transformation! Huge. Hey, March 13th looks great for our shindig if that works for you?

  17. WOW! What a difference. We also had the craptastic oak cabinets–we painted ours white, but I love the dark color as well! You can check out our before/afters if you have time at my blog! Thanks!

  18. Can ou tell me how you did that to your cabinets?!?!?! I need to do something similar. Mine look awful. Send me an email if you don't mind sharing.

  19. AMAZING!! The $216 number floors me, can't wait to see how you did it! Just happened by your blog…in the forever planning stages of bath and kitchen remodels due to budgeting. I'll be back! 🙂

  20. It looks amazing. Tell me you painted your cupboards and then tell me how! I am dying to re-do my kitchen cupboards but lack the funds to re-place them! Do you feel happy every time you go into the kitchen? I would!

  21. I love your kitchen. It went from builder boring to absolutely wonderful. I imagine that if you ever decide to sell your house that kitchen would do the trick!!!

  22. It's like you've been keeping things from me, how did I ever miss this ? Hopped over from Julia's place (HOH) and oh my goodness gracious girlie I am smitten with this entire transformation top to bottom. Loooooooove the black and the new floors. So inspiring !!!! You've proved that any contractor kitchen can be given new life !

  23. WOW!

    That gorgeous, that fast, that cheap? HOW did you do it?

    I am SO impressed. I just hope you're as happy living in it as I am looking at it!

  24. I am amazed!!! I love that the main makeover only cost a little over 200 dollars. I think we could swing that and I am seriously motivated right now! : ) Great job!

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