For those of you who know me well… you know I am passionate about being debt-free, saving money, and cutting corners in order to be financially free. For about a year and a half our household has been on the envelope system for all our monthly tangible expenses (groceries, clothes, entertainment, dining out, house expenses, my personal money, Tim’s personal money, Isaac’s money, childcare, etc.). There is no other way to keep track of your money, in my mind. But I wasn’t finding an envelope system wallet that I liked. But for those of you who want to try it out Dave Ramsey’s System is on sale right now, at a great price. But I just made my own that worked for me. A few of my friends have asked me how to make them so I thought I would do a tutorial for them…all you others can join to though 🙂

1. Cut two pieces of fabric 9 ¼” x 12 ½”. One will be the outside fabric, the other will be the lining.

2. With right sides together pin the fabric and sew the two pieces together.

3. Leave a wide enough gap for you to to turn your fabric right sides out.

4. Turn your fabrics right side out and then press and pin the opening. Now sew it shut.

5. Pin the bottom of the fabric up 4 inches and pin on both sides.

6. According to manufacturer’s instruction add snaps. I prefer using the snap gun you can purchase at any fabric store. But you can also buy a little set and use a hammer to snap them in, which is cheaper. Make sure you line up your snaps evenly. AND READ THE DIRECTIONS, they are a little tricky.

7. Now where you pinned the sides sew them up 4 inches. Make sure you reinforce the top where it will get a lot of wear and tear.

8. In order to add my categories I went to Joann’s and purchased blank uncut stencil plastic and then cut them to size (with a tab). Then I marked my categories with a sticker and permanent marker. Then I added my cash. Wahla!

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  1. thank you! we are also on the envelope system and I have been using ENVELOPES stapled together for a year and a half. not attractive, or very secure, really. I think I can actually do this project–since it will serve such an immediate, necessary purpose :)(most of my projects end up partly done in the closet until they are thrown/given away)

  2. THANK YOU! I have the Dave Ramsey one, which is paper, and it tore up pretty quickly. I can’t wait to make this ! I even have a bit of fabric that I bought because I loved it, but it’s not a whole lot. I’ve been waiting for just the right project!

  3. We have been on the envelope system for almost 2 years, but we have been using regular envelopes which tear up easily! How much could I pay you to make a wallet for me? 🙂 Considering I don’t even own a sewing maching or a snap gun…it would be a huge project to figure out how to make one. I could go by all the stuff to make it if that would be easier.

  4. There is a business idea for ya! You should make and sell those! I will only take a small amount for getting you started with the idea! LOL- Don’t you worry about losing ALL your cash? That is why I don’t do it.

  5. That would make a great Cruise ship craft for you. People would love to have that just to carry there money around on their vacation and then use it at home. You could also give the idea behind it and throw a little Jesus in the presentation! 🙂

  6. Any chance I could get you to make me one of these? so cute! We’ve done the envelope system before and we are about to start it up again.
    Nicole W

  7. Thanks for the tutorial! Snaps and I don't get along, so I used a button on the front instead. Your dimensions were perfect! Thank you!

  8. Thank you again, Beckie! You have sorted out what my mind was trying to work through in the first place! Well explained tute, and as always, clear pics!

  9. Thanks for this tutorial! I had the idea to using cutting board plastic for the dividers. I bought them at the dollar tree yesterday for this project. I think it may be a little thicker than the stencil plastic. Either way, for 50 cents I can get 8 dividers! Can wait to sew this pouch to go with it!

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