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Last year I showed you how to make felt flowers.  Using that same technique I made some flowers out of Duck Tape®.  Duck Tape® comes in an array of colors and patterns and they sent me some Christmas patterns/colors to use.  These are so easy and fun to make and you can add them to a purse, scarf, shirt, bag or a BELT!



Duck Tape®


Hot Glue Gun

Simplicity Stretch Belt – I got mine at Joanns Fabrics for $2.50ish dollars with a coupon

1. Using the same technique as the felt flowers I just cut a piece of Duck Tape® and folded the sticky side in half.  Then on the folded edge I cut little 1/4” wide slits the length of the tape.


2. I cut a piece of Duck Tape® and put it sticky side up. Then I rolled up the slitted tape to resemble a flower and then stuck the bottom side of the rolled flower onto the piece of Duck Tape®.  I trimmed  it a little and then wrapped the piece of tape around the flower to hold the flower shape in place.

how_to_make_duck_tape_flowers rolled_duck_tape_flowers

3.  Then just press the flower petals backward to spread out the rosette.


4.  Hot glue your flowers in place.  I chose to make a Duck Tape® flower belt but you can use these little flowers on anything.



Do you want to see more Duck Tape® projects?  Check out the Duck Tape belt I made for my daughter.


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  1. My 11yo loves making things out of duck tape. She will enjoy reading your post for some inspiration. Thank you!!

  2. HA! Thanks Samantha, they are fun and the patterns ones are cool. It is a slightly different look and feel than felt but I love them both.

  3. *duct tape… Not duck tape lol. Unless there’s some brand someone out there made because everyone mistakingly calls it duck tape. 🙂

    Spelling-nazi aside, VERY creative way to use duct tape!

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