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I was looking for a mirror to go over my floating vanity in my guest bathroom and they were all around $100, which was ridiculous when I knew I could make it for free out of some scrap lumber I had.  When I demoed the bathroom I had a large piece of mirror I took down from above the old vanity.  I decided to use a glass cutter on that and cut it down to size and then use leftover 2 x 4’s for the frame.  If you aren’t afraid of using a table saw this is a super simple project and will teach you a new skill – how to cut a rabbet.  That’s a wood term, don’t worry, no bunnies were harmed in the making of this mirror {giggle}.

 building a wood vanity mirror

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2 x 4 scrap lumber

2 1/2†Kreg screws

Kreg Jig

Minwax pre-wood conditioner

Minwax Dark Walnut stain

General Finishes Top Coat in Satin

Point driver gun or silicone to seal the mirror in

Mirror hanging straps

Glass cutter

1.  I decided 2†x 4†was too thick of a frame so I ripped my 2 x 4’s down to 2†x 3â€.  I didn’t want the wood to overpower the mirror.

2. I decided not to miter my corners but just did a butt joint.  My overall mirror size was 28†x 32â€. So I cut two pieces of wood to 32†and then two pieces of wood to 26â€.

3.  I drilled two Kreg pocketholes into the ends of the 26†boards.

4.  Next I had to set up my table saw to cut a rabbet. This is what a rabbet joint looks like.


To do this I had my blade 1/2†up and 1/2†away from the fence.  Then I ran each 2†x 3†through it.  Then I adjusted the blade down just a hair and ran the board through again this time on its end.  That cut a rabbet in the wood to place my mirror in.

cutting a rabbet rabbet cut

rabbet in wood

DIY wood frame

5.  Technically I shouldn’t have ran the rabbet all the way down the 32†pieces but should have stopped just short of the ends.  Since I didn’t you can see the rabbet from the bottom and top of the mirror.  That doesn’t bother me since I can’t see when it is hung, it but if you are making a mirror it might be something to think about.

cutting a rabbet for a framed mirror

6.  Use your Kreg Jig to add 2 1/2†screws to the mirror to secure it.

building a wood mirror frame

7.  Next I used pre-wood conditioner on all the boards since it is a soft wood.  I wiped it clean after 10 minutes and then stained it Minwax Dark Walnut to match the floating vanity.  If you make this, don’t forget to stain inside the rabbit.  If not the mirror will reflect it and you can see the unstained rabbet.  The next day I used General Finishes top coat on it.  I gave it three coats of top coat, sanding lightly between coats and giving it proper dry time as well.

staining a wood mirror

8.  I cut my mirror down to size.  You can pay to have this done or take your chance and cut it with a glass cutter.  I was surprised it worked so well.  All you do is score the mirror using a straight edge as a guide and snap it free.  Here is a before picture of the mirror.  It was definitely large enough to cut twice if I screwed up.

bathroom mirror

9. I used my awesome picture frame point driver gun to add points to the back to hold the mirror in.  If you don’t have one then just add some caulk to seal the mirror in.

point gun

how to build a wood framed mirror

10.  I added some screw in picture hanging straps to the back and it was done and cost me nothing!

picture frame hanging rings

And I love how it perfectly matches my vanity and goes with the aesthetic of the room.

wood framed mirror

building a wood framed mirror

Hello gorgeous grain!

wood grain mirror

wood grain on a mirror

The fun industrial light is from Parrot Uncle for only $54.95.  It did undergo a paint change with some RustOleum Steel metal spray.  I added some Edison bulbs to go with the industrial vibe.

 DIY vanity mirror

And the vanity area is complete!

framed mirror


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