DIY Wicker Basket Mirror

Hi there! I’m Shayna from The Wood Grain Cottage and I’m back to share a new project!This time around, we’re going really simple… and it looks so amazing, you’d never know how easy it was to make! I love projects like that! Here’s my DIY Wicker Basket Mirror


Seriously, it’s so easy to make. If you have a hot glue gun, you’re set! I started with a basic round wicker basket. I picked mine up at our local home/ craft store, but you can find them anywhere, including thrift stores! Next, I bought a mirror at the same craft store. I made sure it fit inside on the bottom of the basket…

Basket Mirror Then, I flipped over the mirror and added bunches of hot glue…

DIY Wicker Basket with Mirror Once I had enough hot glue, I centered the mirror in the basket and pressed them together…

How to a make a DIY Wicker Basket Mirror

Once the hot glue was cool, I simply hung the basket from a nail. Done and done!

 Wicker Basket Mirror Tutorial I’m absolutely thrilled with how it looks…

DIY Wicker Basket Mirror by The Wood Grain Cottage Thanks to the basket, this mirror has loads of texture…

DIY Wicker Basket Mirror by The Wood Grain Cottage DIY Wicker Basket Mirror by The Wood Grain Cottage And there you have it! An easy project that looks expensive! Me likey! 😀 Here’s a few more easy projects that are big on style:

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Easy Driftwood Mirror Until next time… You can find me on Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter! And be sure to stop by The Wood Grain Cottage to say hi! Have a wonderful day! Main Signature

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