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Painting fabric is one of my favs. I have done my fair share of it as well. My painted stenciled headboard was even featured in Better Homes & Gardens magazine last year.

I also have a great post I put together on my top tips for painting fabric.

When Erin and I were trying to figure out how to add color into her son’s room painting striped curtains went to top of the list – especially when we couldn’t find fabric in the exact colors she was looking for.

Since I had painted curtains previously I knew this would be a simple project – especially with both of us working on it together.

It was a great way to tie all the colors we wanted in the room.

DIY striped and painted curtains


  • Merete curtains from IKEA
  • Acryclic paint in various colors
  • Scotch Tape
  • Foam rollers
  • 1”x4” to act as our straight line
  • tape measure

How To Paint Strips in a Curtain

Step 1 – Mark your Strips

It is really as simple as measuring and taping off the stripes.

You want to make sure you reeeealllly press the tape into the curtain to provide a nice sealed edge.

Use the 1” x4” as a straight edge and line your tape right up to that edge for perfectly straight lines.

painted striped curtains

Step 2 – Paint

Then with a foam roller, roll the paint horizontally.

Do not roll up towards the tape as this will make you get more bleed through.

Roll in the direction of the tape.

And do not oversaturate your roller.

Just roll over the curtain several times to get good coverage.

painting curtains

Step 3 – Drying

Let it dry for about 5 minutes and then give it another coat.

painting stripes on curtains

Step 4 – Removing the Tape

Remove the tape immediately while the paint is still wet.

DIY painted curtains

Step 5 – Carry On

Keep measuring and taping off the curtains.

DIY painted striped curtains

Step 6 – Design

We chose to do all different widths of stripes.

If you do the same width throughout the curtains like I did on my gray ones really make sure you measure correctly and take into account the width of the tape.

colorful painted stripes on curtains

We only went about 1/3 of the way up the curtain with the stripes.  Just enough to tie in the colors of the room.

painting ikea curtains

DIY striped painted curtains

painted stripes curtain tutorial

The nice part about painting curtains is that they are a little more stiff so they fall nice and stay in place when you set them where you want them.

painting stripes on curtains diy

And it is a great way to get custom fabric and colors in the room.

DIY painted striped curtains

As you can see it is hard to get the stripes completely perfect but once they are hung any mistakes fade away.

close up of painted curtains

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  1. Those are some seriously complicated stripes! YOU ARE a PRO at this! They look awesome. Boy, I hope you are getting yours on this trade. 😉 Just like Sandra turns women into serious monsters regarding carpentry skills, you will have Erin turned into a mad crafty DIY’er!!

  2. Honestly, they aren’t too tricky. You just have to measure, tape, and make sure to account for the tape width. And, don’t worry, Erin’s whipping me into shape! 😉

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