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Hello there!  It’s Carmel from Our Fifth House, and I’m back today with another ridiculously easy diy project.

It’s true, all you really need to complete this simple window valance is a hot glue gun……and just a few other things like a tape measure and fabric scissors.  The fabric trim is optional, but it hides the unfinished edges so I say definitely use some.  It adds interest and you can use any trim you like, even grosgrain ribbon would work perfectly!
window valance diy

Start by measuring the inside top of your window.  Mine was exactly 23 inches. Then figure out how long you want your valance to hang and cut your fabric.  I doubled the length on mine, so that I could fold the fabric over – doubling it to give it some weight so that it would hang better.

DIY window valance

Then you’ll want to iron out any wrinkles and use a hot glue gun to attach the trim around the edges.  The trim will hide your unfinished fabric edges making it completely unnecessary to hem them – yes, this is basically a lazy do-it-yourselfer’s dream project.  😉

no sew window treatment
Now that your valance is done, you’ll need to attach it to a piece of trim moulding in order to hang it up in the window.  Hot glue the trim to the top back side of your valance.
window treatment DIY
Then grab a couple of screws.  How many you’ll need will depend on the size of your window.
making an inexpensive window treatment
Then holding the moulding in your hand,  fold up so that it fits flush inside the window and screw it to the inside top of the frame.
hot glue gun window treatment
That’s it!   This is one of the easiest ways to dress a window.
window valance with a glue gun

I’m currently working on finishing up a few details in my kids bathroom and this valance was the perfect way to add a bit more interest to the space.  I plan to use some frosted window paper for privacy, so I only needed the window treatment for looks not function.

glue gun window treatent
My hot glue gun is my bff.  It is by far the most used, most well loved craft/diy tool I own!

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