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You all know I am a big fan of creative, outside-the-box thinking. Throw in a good repurpose, and I’m in DIY heaven! Today I am sharing five fun ways to make a nightstand that all deviate from your typical bedside table. They can all be made from repurposed items, are relatively simple and don’t require building from scratch, and look downright awesome!DIY Furniture ~ 5 Creative and Easy Ways to Make a Nightstand

1. Stool-to-Nightstand

DIY Furniture ~ Repurpose a barstool into a nightstand!

Let’s kick things off with this stool-turned-nightstand from Thrifty & Chic! I bet several of you have have an old barstool similar to this one sitting around your house, and if not, they are plentiful at thrift stores, garage sales, etc. I love how Alicia created a shelf by wrapping rope around the bottom foot rests. Genius!

2. Stacked Crate Nightstand

DIY Furniture ~ Make a simple nightstand by stacking two crates together!

Little did Katelyn from Learning Creating Living know, she had a new nightstand sitting right in her garage. That’s right… these crates were filled with randomness in the dusty garage! However, all cleaned up and stacked up, they make an adorable nightstand – with storage to boot!

3. Floating Nightstands from Cabinet Doors

DIY Furniture ~ Repurpose an old cabinet door into a easy-to-make floating nightstand!

Can you tell what these floating nightstands are made from? Old cabinet doors from a secondhand store! I agree with Rachel from Urban Acreage that they are way more fun than just using a store-bought floating shelf. Of course, cheaper is always nice too!

4. Vintage Suitcase Nightstand

DIY Furniture ~ Turn a vintage suitcase into a nightstand!

Are you a sucker for anything vintage? Why not turn an old suitcase into a nightstand like Reese from The Weathered Door did! She made it even cheaper by using the legs from an old table she had on hand.

5. Wire Basket Side Table

DIY Furniture ~ Turn a cheap wire basket into a side table!

I LOVE this table that Gina from Shabby Creek Cottage made from a $5 garage sale basket. All she had to do was simply flip over the wire basket and add a wood circle for the top. Brilliant, right? I love the aqua paint with the stained wood!

So what do you think about these unique nightstand ideas? Do you love their originality or do you prefer a more traditional bedside table? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. When my son moved into his first apartment after college, he had many large engineering books that he wanted to keep but didn’t have a bookshelf to store them on. He also needed a nightstand by the bed. We stacked those babies oh so nicely and made him a creative little nightstand.

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