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This post was originally featured in January of 2014.

I know this is the time of year when we are all on the hunt for DIY Christmas gifts. Well, this scrap wood iPad stand is a potentially FREE handmade gift idea. If you are accustomed to DIY projects, you have probably amassed quite the stockpile of leftover wood.  In August of 2013, I made some hanging beds for my son’s room and had leftover 2” x 12” wood from Lowes that I used for this project.  Pssst…never throw out scraps.

scrap wood ipad tray


2” x at least 6”

table saw

pre-wood conditioner

stain (I use Minwax – found at Lowes)


1.  I enlisted my friend Rex on this project because I can’t use a saw and a camera at the same time, hence the man hands in the pictures 🙂  We weren’t sure exactly how narrow we could make our IPad tray so we started by cutting our 2” x 12” down to 8” with the chop saw.

IPad stand

2.  Next we adjusted the table saw blade 15 degrees so we’d have a slight angle and then adjusted the fence so that the first pass was 1” from the front of the IPad tray.

DIY IPad stand

3. Then we adjusted the fence 1 3/8″ and passed the wood through again.  That gave us our boundaries for the channel. Then we nudged the fence over to keep cutting the middle until it was all removed. We had to make maybe 5-6 passes to get it all cut out.

IPad wood stand

Ipad wood tray

4.  After the channel was cut, we cut the boards down to 4”.  So our final IPad tray was 4” x 7”.  You can make it wider or longer if you wish.

Ipad tray stand

5.  I sanded down all the edges and then went over it with 150 grit sandpaper so it was smooth and ready for stain.

6.  I coated the entire thing with pre-wood conditioner which is vital when working with soft woods like pine.

ipad holder

7.  Next I used a bunch of my leftover stains and stained them.  After dry I applied a paste wax for protection.

wood ipad stand

Quick, easy and cheap gift for that iPad lover.  I use mine in the kitchen when I am trying a recipe and don’t want to print it out just yet. Wouldn’t it be awesome to have in the kitchen during all your holiday cooking and baking? I also make my kids use it when they are playing games so they won’t drop it.

ipad wood stand

For more storage and organization ideas this month, check out Lowes Creative Ideas free in the app store.  If you want a paper copy you can request one here.


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  1. I really need to make one of these – I love using recipes off the ipad… when I manage to fish it away from my boys’. Thanks for the tutorial!

  2. great project Beckie! I suppose I might be addicted to sawing, because looking at your pictures, I want to go saw something right now….

  3. Looks like I’ll be making one of these next time I’m at my Dad’s shop! We have 3 I-pads in this house…plenty of opportunity for a few of these! Life to the full! Melissa @ DaisyMaeBelle

  4. All I use is iPad iPad iPad in fact we own 5 different apple devices including 2 iPads ;D My children joyously play together (fight all the time over) them as well–this is a great simple tutorial (too bad I have no saw;() I might ask the guy at the local hardware stor to do some cutting for me

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