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While I love the look of all the cool garage shelving systems out there with the cool tracks and specialty hooks – spending the money for those just wasn’t a top priority for me.  With an entire new house to decorate and organize I want my housing budget dollars to be spent elsewhere.  So for less than $200 I was able to build 16 feet by 8 feet tall garage shelves that store a bunch of tools and SCHHHTUFF.  Well there are just some things that can’t be stored on those shelves.  Namely shovels, rakes, brooms, scooters and more.  So here is a REEEALLLLY cheap way to utilize the wall space in your garage.  Since I have 9.5 feet ceilings in certain parts of my garage I really wanted to take advantage of that high space and not floor space.  And my highest goal is to have a functional garage and workshop area all while parking our cars in the garage – something we could never do at our old house.

So I was able to hang all of this stuff for $21.  That is called some good cheap organization right there!

garage organization cheap


1” x 4” (I used a 12’ board and an 8’ one)

2” screws

Screw In Tool Hook $1.08

Screw in Bike Hook $1.18

Screw in Utility Hangar

Hardware Ceiling Hook $.86


stud finder

1.  Figure out the length you want to hang and grab a 1” x 4” board that wide.  I used a 12’ board and an 8’ board. and spent around $12 for that wood (the 8’ board is a cheap furring strip at $2.08). Note:  Yes you can just drill the hooks into studs but hanging the 1” x 4” allowed me to utilize space that was less than the 16” width of the studs.

inexpensive garage organization

2.  Mark where your studs are with a stud finder.

3.  Using your 2” wood screws attach your 1” x 4” to the wall drilling into the studs making sure it is level.

garage organization inexpensive

4.  Mark and plan out out where each hook will go.  Pre-drill a hole and then screw your hooks in.

DIY garage organization

5.  Add as many 1” x 4” lengths as you want to hang all of your stuff.

DIY garage storage

I ended up leaving the bikes on the ground.  My kids are too young to hang their bikes and I wanted them to have easy access to get them in and out of the garage.  The only thing I might do is mark the floor with some tape so they know exactly where their bikes need to go.

DIY garage organization cheap

garage storage solutions

hanging stuff in your garage

organizing your garage

And because everyone loves and good before and after shot.

messy garage before

$21 later…

garage organization cheap tutorial

Stay tuned to see my work bench, pegboard, and how I hung my lumber.

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  1. This is a great idea, I have stuff just lying about my garage floor that could easily be stored on the walls. My biggest challenge is finding some way to store my car roof box, as at the moment it is taking up too much space on my garage floor. If you have any tips please share!

  2. Hi Sammy, I don’t have any personal experience with a car roof box. However, I did a quick search, and it looks like they’re are some ceiling storage systems available. I would just look around on Google and Pinterest. Hope you find something!

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