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One of my dearest blogging friends, Brooke, from All Things Thrifty, is here to share with you a DIY earring holder.  I love unique ways to display jewelry.  I have hung my jewelry with paint sticks, and made a jewelry organizer out of a baby crib.  It’s true I am a sucker for good organization. Now don’ be afraid of the power tools involved this is a basic project that will yield great results.  Depending on the size of the earring organizer you make depends on the price.  


Hey, hey, hey Infarrantly readers!! I am THRILLED to be back guest posting here today! Beckie and I go waaaay back. She’s amazing. {Of course you already know that!!} My name is Brooke and I’m the blogger behind the scenes at All Things Thrifty where I post home décor projects and tutorials about how to decorate in thrifty ways! In a nutshell, my husband Dan and I are extreme DIYers. We love to makeover rooms. We paint everything in sight, and we have hundreds of tutorials for you too!

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Let me just tell you a few quick reasons why I love Beckie. She is a huge team player in this blogging world. She has given me a lot of advice that has helped me in so many ways. She has passed my name on to companies, she’s business smart which is something I struggle with, and she cares deeply for other bloggers and wants them to succeed. When she figures out something that could help other bloggers, she doesn’t keep it to herself, she shouts it from the rooftops. I love that. Not very many bloggers are as caring, open, and available for advice as she is. I am grateful for her advice, her friendship, and her amazing talent that she shares for all of us to enjoy. Now that I’ve bragged on Beckie for a minute, let’s get to the task at hand, shall we!?! (Thanks Brooke, the check is in the mail Winking smile)

DIY earring holder

What girl doesn’t love earrings!?! I even made earrings for my pennywise present post last year! I’m obsessed with them, and I needed a way to organize them BADLY! So, I came across this idea from a friend and decided it would make the perfect gift for friends and family. The best part? It’s pretty darn cheap. In fact, you can decide how big you want to make it and that will dictate the price. For this HUGE one {yep it’s 4 feet tall and 2 feet wide}, the supplies cost less than $20.00, but if you want to make a smaller version, your cost would go down significantly. So, even though this gift isn’t $10.00 or less, it is definitely pennywise in my opinion.


Pegboard (have the hardware store cut it for you)



Wood glue


Miter Saw

Wood Filler

Brad Nailer

Mounting Hardware

For my instructions, I am going to assume that you are making an earring holder that is exactly the same size as mine {24” wide and 48” tall}, if you adjust the size of your board, obviously my measurements will do you no good.

Step1: Start off by cutting your 1” x 2”s. You need 2 that are 24” wide with 45 degree angles and two that are 48” wide with 45 degree angles. Your longer measurement should be on the outside your boards. See the illustration to see what I mean. measurements 1

miter saw miter saw setting miter saw 2
Step 2: Put wood glue on your cut 1” x 2”s and nail them into the peg board. Nail from the front of the peg board. Be sure to measure your brad nails to make sure they aren’t too long. We used 5/8 inch nails. You don’t want them to stick out the other side of your boards.
_DSC0452 _DSC0464 _DSC0605
Step 3: After you have your 1” x 2”s installed around the back of your peg board, cut your molding using the same measurements as the guide above. You need two pieces of molding that measure 24” long and two pieces that measure 48” long. 
Tips: Make sure that you keep the molding turned the correct way when you cut your 45 degree angles. Most of the time moldings are different on the top and the bottom and I learned this the hard way. I ruined a board because I wasn’t paying attention.
Also, when you are measuring your boards, make sure you are precise. If your boards don’t line up with the one next to it, cut off a blade width of molding at a time until it fits snugly.
Step 4: After you have gotten your molding to fit with the board next to it, douse it with wood glue and nail it to the top of the peg board. We changed out our 5/8” nails to 1 1/4” nails to make sure they would go through the peg board and into the 1” x 2”s.
_DSC0465 _DSC0471 _DSC0467 
I nailed the molding on an angle to secure it tightly.
_DSC0613 _DSC0483 _DSC0610
Step 5: Fill in all holes and 45 degree angles with nail hole filler. Fill in each hole and wipe it off so that the surface is smooth again.
_DSC0472 _DSC0478_DSC0479 _DSC0480 
Step 6: After your holes are filled and dry, you are ready for paint! I had this Krylon Jade spray paint on hand so that’s what I used. It only took one can to paint the entire project. You can use paint on hand though if you want to save some $$.
Step 7: After the paint dries, install the hanging hardware to the back of your earring holder. We measured down 2” and installed the top screw of our D ring hooks on our mark. That way the hardware will be even and hang the project straight.
_DSC0487 _DSC0507 _DSC0501
Optional: If you are like me, you have a bunch of stud earrings that won’t fit in the pegboard part of the earring holder. Just thread a ribbon through the pegboard holes and tie a tight knot in the back. It will hold it snuggly so you can put studs through the ribbon. You can also buy hardware to hang necklaces and bracelets on. This hardware is very inexpensive at the hardware store.
Step 8. Load your earrings onto your earring holder!! As I was looking for all my earrings to hang up on this holder, I was cracking up at our disorganized life. I had to gather earrings from the car, the junk drawer, the bathroom, the kitchen…etc. How embarrassing! I’m so thrilled to have one place to hang all of my earrings that I think I deserve to buy a few more pairs. How’s that for justification!?!
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Although the instructions may look lengthy, I can tell you that this project was EASY. I made it all by myself without much help from the hubs. I had a few questions here and there, but once I made the first one, it took me less than 20 minutes to make the second one.
make your own jewelry holder Jewelry holder to make
I think this is a great gift for family and friends. Heck I would have died of excitement had someone showed up with this on my doorstep!
DIY jewelry holder

I hope you like it!! I would love for you to come visit All Things Thrifty and take a look around! I hope you find something that you like while you are visiting!

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  1. This is really nice! I did something on a smaller scale for my 12 yr old daughter’s earrings. I used an old wooden picture frame and color plastic canvas (smaller grid so the earrings wouldn’t slip out. I’m sure as her earring collection grows she’ll need one this size!! 🙂

  2. Thanks! You can add teeny tiny cup holder screws, either held on with a small nut, plastic disc earring back, or a piece of eraser to hang small chained necklaces from on the bottom of the plastic canvas.

  3. What is the hardware called that you used to hand the necklaces and bracelets in the picture?

  4. what is the name of the piece of hardware that you used to hang necklaces/bracelets so I know what to ask for?

  5. Just ask for pegboard brackets. Home Depot has a ton of different ones to choose from.

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