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So one of the projects I was most looking forward to when I started my huge bathroom makeover remodel into a smaller bathroom and a third-floor laundry room was a place to put a DIY Sliding Double Barn door.  I have long loved barn doors but never really had a great spot to put one.

However, with the small 4″ x 11″ laundry room opening up into the hallway a sliding DIY barn door was just what it needed since I didn’t want swinging doors into the small hallway.

DIY Sliding Double Barn Doors Cost

Each door cost about $50 to build.  So the complete project cost me $205 with both doors and two of the barn door tracks and hardware.  If you have priced out barn doors you know that is an incredible price for a double barn door.

If you are familiar with using a Kreg Jig for pocket hole joinery you will find this project super easy!


I recommend sanding each of your cut pieces first before you begin the building process.  Since the backboards are tongue and groove it makes it more difficult to sand after you build it.

The door track I purchased was this track.  It was on sale for $49.99 but it looks like the price has raised since then.  I had to purchase two tracks in order to accommodate both doors. So that cost me $100 in track.

You can easily spend $300-$500 on a barn door track.  This is sturdy and awesomely priced.


Barn Door Track Tips:

  • You will need two of the tracks for a double door.
  • Use one of the stoppers to connect the two tracks together.
  • Do not screw too deep into your drywall.  Not that I am speaking from experience.  DOH!
  • Also keep in mind this track doesn’t have holes perfectly 16″ apart like most American builds are.  That was fine with me since I added a header during the remodel but that is something to think about BEFORE you begin your project.

Added Header During Remodel


I ended up with these simple $1.66 black utility pulls from D. Lawless hardware.  They are cheap and I didn’t want to do fancy pulls and take away from the doors themselves.  I installed those last.  Wood, grain, dark walnut stain and those pulls?!?! YUMMY!


I can’t tell you how excited I am for this project.  Every time I walk past them or slide them open to do laundry is like a sense of achievement and self-love!

It has been a complete success and improvement and I absolutely love how they turned out and the way they changed my hallway upstairs.

If you would like to make your own, you can download the pdf with all the instructions here  for DIY Sliding Double Barn door plans.

sliding-barn-doors (2)

And in case you are wondering… this is what it looks like from the inside.  I never close myself inside since the room isn’t very big but here is what they look like.


And with that my laundry room is done.  I will show a final reveal soon with all the added extras.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be doing laundry on the third floor.  It is soooo much nicer than hauling it down two flights of stairs into the basement.  While this project and the bathroom makeover took 5 months and several thousand dollars to complete it was worth it.

If you would like to make your own, download the pdf “Double Barnwood Doors Plans” for FREE.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your barn door experience! I love this current remodeling trend:)

  2. Beautiful! Can I ask how a barndoor works for noise reduction? Since there is still a gap does it reduce the noise from your washer and dryer at all? Just a little? Totally?

    Is there any hardware at the bottom of the door or does it stay in place without that?

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