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Yesterday I showed you how I changed a $65 clearance end table from Home Goods to a beautiful icy blue.  Now a new set of drawers are only good – at least for me – if they are organized.  Now you could buy some clear drawer organizers or bins but that adds up and doesn’t give you as many custom options as making your own drawer dividers does.  Plus you can’t beat the price of these.  Below is the sofa table I did with custom organizers for Kayla’s bows.


Lowes sells 1/4” wood pieces in various widths.  The poplar ones I used are $1.46 for a 2’ length.  All you need is a miter saw, measuring tape and a hot glue gun.

1.  Measure the longest length of your drawer and where you want your first piece to go.  Cut to that length.

2.  Using a hot glue gun glue that into the place.  The nice part about using hot glue is that you can always remove the glue down the road and start over with different dividers.

3.  Then measure the next piece and cut that.  I find it is easiest to glue one piece in place, measure, cut and then glue the next piece.

This is fabulous for BOWS!  If you have girls you, most likely, have a bow problem in your house too.


After you are done you will have a place for everything.  So grab some 1/4” wood and get to organizing those junk drawers – yep I know you have three one.

Here is another easy idea for organizing your drawers with PVC pipes


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  1. I am headed to Lowes this afternoon. This is a great idea. I’ve seen people doing this with chipboard but I didn’t feel that would be sturdy enough. I’m so glad I found your blog.

  2. Love the idea! Especially since you can just pull it out and remove the glue with no damage–love that. And who knew there were hot glue gun tools for clean up! Can I just say I had the biggest smile watching you do your spot. It is so fun to see you doing that after having read about your journey through blogging. You must have been doing this gig for some time as you looked quite comfortable and appeared to have a laid back rapport with the host. GO Beckie!

  3. Great job on Indy Style! I love this idea. My craft room could use several dozen of these drawer organizers!

  4. I got one color from andruby.com and the other color from sassysteals.com. Both of the sites don’t have the necklaces available now, but I see them there all the time.

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  6. LOVE super glue and this idea for dividers. Will try the pipe idea for my husbands sock drawer. Everything else has failed but this is pretty much very easy to see colors against the white pipe – the main complaint from him. Thank you so much for sharing this idea!

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