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Destiny is back with a simple side table she made with some items she had laying around the house.  Those are the best kind of projects because that usually means free or very cheap.  I love how she made a cute little side table out of a candlestick and an old tabletop, perfect for her quiet place away from the noise of life.

Candlestick Table

Hello friends. It’s Destiny from A Place for Us and I’m back today with a very simple side table. I’m more than confident that you will be able to duplicate this one! I’ve needed a small table for the side of my bathtub area for awhile now. I thrive off of quiet time. So once or twice a week I sneak away and take a nice long HOT bath. Oh, you too? Great!

All the supplies I already had in my garage but you can find these products at your local big box store, or like me, GOODWILL. For this project your going to need:

  • One large candlestick more (25 inches or higher are perfect for small table height) Mine were found at Goodwill for about $10
  • Small round wood circle ( I used one from a broken decorators table.) You can find these tables at Target, Linens&Things and Walmart
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Spray Paint
  • Optional: Sandpaper

1. First spray paint the candlestick in your color of choice. I actually used a outdoor spray paint that I had already purchased. I think it’s a good choice for the bathroom, just in case it gets wet or comes in contact with moisture.

2. Then I secured the top with some Gorilla Glue and let it dry overnight. If you can’t find a top like this at your store, garage sale or thrift store, you can also just cut out a nice round circle using a jigsaw and some MDF.

After that spray paint the table again and let it dry. You can also use some sandpaper on top if you want to smooth out any rough spots but just wait until its completely dry.

Candlestick Makeover

Pretty simple. I love the addition to my bathroom and the fact that it hardly cost me anything. For the longest time these candlesticks have made their way around my house. I did want to use them as candlesticks but for whatever reason it seemed dated. So I’m happy that I was able to reuse them! I love all the little details on them. If your wondering, they’re from the company Candle-Lite and  I got two. What should I do with the other one friends?  I would love suggestions.

Upcycled candlestick table

Candlestick Before and After

Candlestick Table-05

Do you have any supplies hanging around that you could recycle?

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  1. A bird feeder or bird bath to put into your yard would be a good use of the other candlestick. Cute idea on the table.

  2. That is really cute! I’m definitely going to be checking out the candle holders at Goodwill with fresh eyes. Thanks for the tutorial. I’m on my way to your blog, Destiny, to check it out!

  3. This table is so cute!! I am so impressed with the charming items from the roadside or dumpsters. Here in Washington State, we do not have the same type of trash pickup that you apparently have, therefore there is only very infrequently anything worthwhile left on a curb or alongside the road. I feel cheated!! I love your tutorials!

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