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My family absolutely loves the Minions, and we’ve gone all out to make sure that love is reflected in our day-to-day lives. Despicable Me was our most favorite family movie night to date. And we’ve done Minion memorabilia for a long time. We just can’t get enough of these silly little yellow creatures!

From How to make Minion flip-flops for the summer to Printable Minion Mason Jars, now is the turn for a Minion Valentine day. So let’s get that creativity all out again!

We love a little Gru and the minions. When my son saw the adorable Despicable Me 2 printable Valentine’s on Make and Takes we quickly printed them off and got started on addressing them for his class.


The Despicable Me 2 printable is a set of 4 different minions for kids to cut out and add candy to for their classmates.

We had to do it in two sessions though since my son gets bored quickly with handwriting.  Ugh!


Click here to download the Despicable Me 2 printable Valentines for yourself.

Take Care of Our Inner Child this Valentines

We are of course in 2023 now and with our kids having access to the whole wide world (www) a sucker card promoting an old movie might not do the trick. But it is time to get creative in that case.

It is incredible the things around Minions you can find to buy though. Look at this 3D sticker for your Minion fan son’s bedroom. Isn’t it cool?

Or these funny Peeking Minions Giant Peel and Stick Wall (yes, these are affiliate links to Amazon). But this is all about give and take, right? So I have created a very cool Printable Minion Valentines Card for your loved one. 

It doesn’t matter who they are. Partner, son, daughter, mom, dad… let’s bring our inner child to surface and enjoy again the magic of yellow.

You just have to print it out in cardstock, cut it out, fold and write your quote inside. Really cute if you ask me. See Funny Quotes at the end of the post to write in your Minion Card.

Valentines Minion

5 Cool Minion Ideas for Valentines Day

I have been snooping in Pinterest and wow, impressed with so many cool stuff there. I kind of miss those years of endless kid’s crafting days (joking, I just don’t).

Twinkie Valentines

Michelle, at Crafty Morning show us this super easy tutorial to make this Twinkie Valentines Day Craft. Adorable!


Minion Valentines Box

Lisa, at Fun Money Mom makes a Minion Valentines Box and guides you step-by-step. Really easy and customizable. You can always make funny minion faces.

Minion box

Purple Minion Box

I know right? Is it not all about yellow? Yes, it is but… where did that creativity go? Even changing colors you can still see the Minion vibe there, right?

This is from an unknown source but I find it very inspiring.

Purple minion

Minion Valentine Card Craft

This time another card from Sam at Simple Every Day Mom. Sam plays again with creativity and changes those round glasses for the cool Valentines hearts. Love it!

You can take her template for free and customize with different colored cardstocks to make it slightly personalized to your needs.

colorful minion card

Minion Valentine’s Day

This box made from a yellow tide pod container is beyond cool. If you are keen to paint it yourself that is. Again, there is no tutorial or instructions but there you go, I throw the idea at you and you take it and make it better?

Love this little guy smile.

tide pod container minion

I hope you have enjoyed these ideas and that you print my card to write a lovely message inside for your Valentine.

15 Funny Minion Quotes to Write on your Card this Valentines

  1. “You stole my heart, and I’m not mad about it… you’re my favorite Minion!”
  2. “I’m bananas for you, and you’re the only Minion I need.”
  3. “You’re the king/queen of my heart and the head Minion of my dreams.”
  4. “You’re my sole-mate and the only Minion I want to spend Valentine’s with.”
  5. “I’ve been struck by cupid’s arrow and you’re the only Minion I want by my side.”
  6. “I’m sweet on you, and you’re the only Minion I need to satisfy my cravings.”
  7. “You’re my better half and the lead Minion of my life.”
  8. “You complete me, and I wouldn’t want it any other way… with you as my Minion.”
  9. “I love you more than cookies and you’re the only Minion that could ever top that.”
  10. “You’re my everything and I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with you… my favorite Minion.”
  11. “You light up my life, and I’m grateful for every moment I get to spend with you… my favorite Gru.”
  12. “I’m wild about you and you’re the only Gru I need to complete me.”
  13. “You’re the boss of my heart and the mastermind behind all my happiness.”
  14. “I’m under your spell and you’re the only Gru I ever want to be with.”
  15. “You’re my rock, and I’m grateful for every day I get to spend with you… my favorite Gru.”

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