I can’t thank you lovies enough for the kind words, encouragement and advice regarding yesterday’s post.  Tim and I had a great talk last night and put together a game plan.  We are really good about strategically planning vacations and date nights but December just sneaks up on us every year and we have yet to figure out something that works for both of us.  A few of you recommended the book “The Introvert Advantage.† I am ALL OVER THAT!  I got it from my library already…THANKS!  I will do a book review on it when I am finished.The Introvert Advantage: How to Thrive in an Extrovert World

Ok back to your regularly scheduled programming… 

I am in LOVES with dish towels lately.  I do not know why.  I think cute towels are so fun.  I am used to the falling apart, ripped, stained and booger laden ones.  I have been on a rampage making these for gifts lately.   I made ten of the embroidered Christmas ones before the holidays and got such a great response from the recipients.IMG_0977Here is the most recent one I made that I am giving to a friend for a birthday gift along with my favorite kitchen tool (Pampered Chef Mix N Chop) and a Dollar Tree spatula.IMG_1100They have flour sack cloth towels at the Dollar Tree…for a dollar…uh..errr…I guess that goes without saying. IMG_1093 I like the Dollar Tree ones the best because they are heavily starched and easy to work with.  However, Wal-mart, Target and Kmart carry them also.

This project is a great way to use up scraps of fabric since you only use like a 4†x 15†piece.  All you do is cut a strip, press it under 1/4†all the way around, and sew it on.IMG_1094 I find it easier not to pin especially when using the ric-rac.  I just kind of hold it in place and stitch it.  Is the cherry fabric totally scrumptious or what?

IMG_1101 IMG_1100

On one of them I added this cute little ruffle trim.  It matched the gingham towel that I added to the gift perfectly.  DELISH!

IMG_1103 IMG_1104 IMG_1102

This would make a perfect hostess, bridal shower, wedding, birthday or JUST BECAUSE gift!  Plus it is very inexpensive…I LOVES THAT!

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  1. Those dish towels are too gorgeous. I just added this to my "to do " list. So much stuff on that list (sigh)I did this with some bath towels about a million years ago when I first started sewing. Such a simple idea but just brilliant.

    Now I just have to hunt down some dish towels…

  2. i got a bunch of these from the dollar tree for xmas gifts, but then just never did anything with them!! LOOOVE this idea! you've just started a little fire under my butt…i thank you for this! :o)

  3. Beckie!!!! Those are totally cute! I love fun dishtowels too, but rarely see something that really strikes me. Those are adorable! And you can really make them fit anybody's kitchen!

    ooooohhhh…. that might just be an easy enough project for me to actually bust my poor machine out of her (I'm sure by now) dusty cabinet!

  4. I love your dishtowels, and I hope you don't mind if I copy them. You are right, it makes a great presentation and anyone would love to receive them.

  5. LOVE IT! I like how you took it a step further than me and added the fabric. Definitely adds the "sumpthin" that it needs. Looking forward to 2010 on your blog. Missed you!

  6. ps…watch out, cause I'm coming back to your house soon to use your (Amy's) fancy shmancy embroidery machine…

  7. Just when I was about to put my sewing machine away! I love this idea! You never cease to amaze me! Just to give you advance warning, when I get a place of my own….I'm expecting some of these!:-) Just kidding!

  8. Oh these are just too cute! I have a thing for cute dishtowels too. Unfortunately i'm not very handy with the sewing machine.
    Great job, your recipient will love them!

  9. VERY cute! Thanks for sharing, the cherry fabric is delish and I love that pampered chef tool too, my mom has one…it is on my wish list!

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