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I want a new stove. I have wanted a new stove since I first laid eyes on the one that currently came with the house. In our old house in Washington we had a flat top electric one. I miss her. Now I have a bottom of the line electric stove with the coil burners. I hate her. I hate her even more after this past weekend.

I had made brownies for the fondue. I was letting them cool on top of one of the burners. I was using another burner to warm up the meat fondue and I accidentally turned on the wrong burner. I smelled a strange burning smell but I thought it was the burner I was currently cooking on. When all of the sudden, “BANG!!” The glass brownie pan exploded into a zillion pieces. Praise the Lord nobody got hurt. There is a burn mark from a hot piece of glass in our linoleum, but that was the only casualty. So all the cousins pitched in to help me clean it up.

Since that time my feet have found many glass shards. I haven’t cleaned all the glass out of my stove since then because I hate her and I am trying to make her suffer. But today is the day. I am taking all the burners out and unscrewing the front of the stove and cleaning it good.

But all I keep dreaming about is her…

An electric, stainless steel, flat top, double oven. Isn’t she gorgeous? The problem is she costs (best can scenario) $1200. What I want to say is screw Dave Ramsey, so what if I only have $435 saved towards it. I can be like 61% of Americans and go into credit card debt. I mean $765 on a credit card isn’t that bad right? I will pay it off by the end of the year no problem. But then I would be compromising my beliefs and surely that is worth more than $765 right?


I know, I know I am being a spoiled brat. Tell me I am doing the right thing by saving and paying cash for it. I need a little comment love today people.

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  1. I have that exact craptastic stove. We actually bought a new one from Home Depot with our Home Depot card, which gave us 6 months same as cash, but then the delivery guys couldn’t find a parking spot on our street and refused to deliver it. We were supposed to call for redelivery, but in the mean time I got a mailer for 10% off all purchases at Home Depot, plus 12 months same as cash, so I canceled the order and we just got the refund on our card today. So this weekend I’ll be in buying a nice new glass top stove and have an entire year to pay it off with no interest. So far every time I’ve done this, I haven’t had any problems getting my balance paid off before they start charging.

  2. I say that’s what saving accounts are for. Put it on the credit card (which I view as cash anyway since I ALWAYS pay it off at the end of the month, and I get bonus money) and get the darn thing…I would. I totally would. But then again I’m from a double-income-no-kids household and used to being spoiled. Do it! Do it! do it! 😀

  3. Don’t do it. Stick with Dave Ramsey. I know how hard it is. I’ve found many things I want to do around the house but because we are working on the Dave Ramsey plan ….delayed gratification. Your right it sucks!

  4. Here’s the thing – if you swap out the white stove you probably will want to get the entire kitchen in stainless steel to match so you might as well just become friends with “her” and try to find the good things about “her” that you do like. I happen to prefer the coiled top burner to the flat top as they boil water twice as fast and when you do big batches of canned applesauce in the giant water bath canner, that makes all the difference. Have you come up with a craft to use the bits of glass with? Heehee- JK. I’m thinking you need to sell some of your cheap re-done treasures on craigslist and get that savings account a little fatter. That little craft desk of yours would be “big bucks” in a little boutique store!

  5. What about selling your current stove on Craigslist (that was a great suggestion from Tamara) and use that money, the money you have saved for the new stove and just put the remainder on credit, especially if you can get the 12 months same as cash or no interest no payment for 12 months (however it reads). That will give you time to pay off the balance without paying interest and best of all YOU CAN ENJOY THE NEW STOVE (this is how we live the American dream or we’d have nothing and we are faithful about getting it paid in the alloted time frame too).

    My cook top stove and oven are built in, and even though it looks nice and costly, give me the stove you are eyeing anytime. As time goes on you can replace the other appliances.

    FYI- I think the new stainless steel is fingerprint proof which would be awesome.

  6. Stick with Dave Ramsey and pay cash! You’ll be glad you did in the end! Plus you’ll have time to watch the price and know the cheapest it has sold for. Then, go shopping and haggle for a great deal!

  7. now if you do the ’12 months same as cash’ deal…isn’t that the same as you ‘saving’ and putting that money aside every month for the new stove but you can have it now? especially if you have a ‘stove fund’?

  8. Make a bunch of crafts, have a craft sale and make a ton of cash! So sorry about the broken glass. Glad to know you are okay.

  9. Get the cobwebs out of your wallet, dahlink…..becuz dear ‘ole Mom and your tired ‘ole Pa…………’taint buying ya a new one for Christmas. We all know you have more money than the U.S. MINT.

    Bless her heart. 😉

  10. You are not a brat. You just want what you want, and that’s OK.

    I look at it this way: God gave me this husband, these kids, and this house…He gave them to me to take care of to the best of the abilities He’s given me. I don’t have to have the finest house, the biggest, or the best. But since I am the heart of this home, I like for things to be just so…it makes my job (and it is a JOB!) easier and keeps my stress level down. When we built 3 years ago, I literally made my “wish list” of appliances…certainly not the most expensive out there, but nowhere near the cheapest, either. I got what I wanted…and I’m happy. But we had to spend the bucks…you know how I’m always telling you that sometimes you gotta shell out the dough. You get what you pay for!

    And now meal times run smoother, clean up is easier, and you know the saying: When Mama’s happy, everyone’s happy.

    So…having said all that…I say that you should save away. But if your craptastic stove is causing problems, ESPECIALLY WHILE PREGNANT (you need no added stress, Beck!), you gotta do what you gotta do. I love me some Dave Ramsey and all…but he is not the end all/be all authority on money. Ask God. See what He says. It might surprise you, either way!

    I love you. And this is officially the longest comment I’ve ever left in my life. So glad it’s for YOU!

  11. How awful & frustrating! Still, what happened could have happened on a new stove. It wasn't the stove that broke your glass pan, it was you turning on the wrong burner. I've had this happen by putting a hot pan on a glass plate without thinking. The heat from the pan shattered the plate.

  12. oh but remember how you hated when you couldn’t get stuff off of “her” (the wa. her) even with a razor!! Remember! I totally agree that you should hate the Indiana “her” for no other reason than “her” …well…ugliness!!

    Oh Beckie, I hope your wish comes true soon! And I hope you don’t miss “her” more than you miss ME!

  13. From one Dave Ramsey slave to another: YOU’RE DOING THE RIGHT THING :)! That stove will feel SO good to get when you know you can really get it! And who knows, maybe you’ll find a screaming deal on one before time. I’d say check for scratch and dent items that are usually damaged on the side that no one will ever see. Have you ever used a double oven one like that before? There’s one at our cabin and I hate it! The bottom one is too low and uncomfortable to get things in and out of, and the top oven is so tiny that I’m always burning myself retrieving pans from it.

    So glad that no one got hurt!! How scary still!

    Have a great week :)!

  14. OH, I feel your pain! I feel the same way about my stove! Oh how I would love to have a new one!
    But, yes, you are doing the right thing!

  15. yes, yes,yes. you’ll kick yourself for wrecking your system of paying cash! Give DR some love and save for it. You are doing the right thing!!

  16. I have the stove that you have your eye on. I used to have the coil burner one in WA and hated it! Couldn’t wait to get a glass top. Now that I have one, I’m not all that impressed. I like that it’s easy to clean (which you know since you had one in WA) but I hate the finger prints on the stainless steel. And as for the double oven – here in AZ we pay through the nose if we use our large appliances during “peak hours”. So I end up using my big counter top toaster/covection oven from Costco most of the time. Paid just 60 bucks for it! But I do like the small oven section of my double oven. Anyway, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be! Stick to your Dave Ramsey stuff. You may find something you like better by the time you have your money saved!
    -Amy J.

  17. Oh my what a mess. THat stove should be punished. Replacing her will tell her who is boss. But knowing that you paid cash for the new stove and you dont owe anyone is a great feeling.

    Take Care

  18. Your present stove is displaying clear and present danger! More dangerous than a bit of credit debt. I seriously doubt that you are the type who wouldn’t pay your debt off immediately. But then again, I don’t handle my finances that well….so maybe you shouldn’t listen to me.

  19. I don’t think that Dave Ramsey is opposed to taking advantage of 12 months no interest. That’s FREE money for a whole YEAR!

  20. Okay that is one heck a blowout sister! I am amazed you walked away without a cut or scrap. I have been saving for a laptop…I feel your pain…hang tough. (PS as stoves go…she’s a hotty!)

  21. De-Lurking here…
    Love your story.
    Love it even more since my best girlfriend uses your fabulous Washington “her” everyday 😉
    I laughed out loud so hard that I had to call her up and read to her how you’re pining after your former stove.
    I love that stove. I’ll think of you next time I see “her” 😉
    I hated having the same crappy stove you have now, and we FINALLY have a nice glass top with our new house. Make your stove suffer. Show her whose boss and get HER.
    Good Luck!

  22. I clicked over to read your sad, sad story. Right before Christmas I had a very similar blow out. It was a 9×13 inch glass dish with 7 layer bars in it. A friend was over making Christmas treats and didn't turn off the burner he was using. I plopped the dish ontop of our stupid stove and pretty much had the same result you did. It took hours to clean, but no one was hurt! Have you replaced that oven by now?

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