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DSC_9367I wanted to tell you about an awesome collaboration I have with Laura from Say It On the Wall. We want to offer you guys some fun vinyl wall art! Definitions as art are the rage right now.  And we are offering one lucky Infarrantly Creative reader a chance to win….


the definition of your choice!

I got so many wonderful compliments on my Ballard Design inspired laundry sign that I made last month.  Many of you asked if I would be willing to sell the vinyl to you.  Ask and you shall receive.

We are offering vinyl word definitions in your choice of black, brown, beige or white.  They come in one large sheet so there is no need to apply them line by line (like I had to do making mine!!!).

Home Depot sells a 2’ x 4’ x 3/4” piece of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) for $9.88.  Have them cut it in half and you will have two 2’ x 2’ boards.  The vinyl will fit perfectly on them.

DSC_9382 Here are the definitions available…def1def2 The cost is $20 for one definition or 2 definitions of your choice for $35 (can be mixed definitions).  If you purchase the MDF you have to make two signs anyway so you might as well buy two ;-).  Have one in your home and give the other as a gift.  DSC_9367Did I mention this makes a 2 foot by 2 foot sign?  That is a large piece of art for that price!

All you need to do is get the board cut, prime, paint and attach a hanger on the back and you are done.

Click below to start shopping!

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For a chance to win…

1.  Tell me which definition you would choose if you won.

2.  For a second entry become a fan of Say It on the Wall on facebook and leave a comment letting me know.

Good luck…the giveaway will run through the week.  I will announce a winner on Friday.

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  1. I would choose "play." Would be fun in the kids room…and a good reminder to us all! 🙂

  2. I would choose "family" with "laundry" as a super close second!! I love these…they're a great size and just really neat.

  3. I like the laundry one. I spend so much time and effort doing it, it would be fun to have something fun in my laundry room to look at!

  4. I would do Dream. And it might even go to one of my kids as a reminder to do just that!

  5. Definitely the laundry definition! When I saw yours last week, I loved it so much I actually thought about buying a Silhouette to recreate it for myself. Thanks for offering the definitions for sale, it is going to make getting that sign up so much easier. Of course, I think I am still going to buy myself the Silhouette! 😉 Oh and I became a fan too! 🙂

  6. I would pick "FAMILY" and paint the board with alcohol inks to match my homemade decor…LOVE and LAUGH!

  7. I'm a fan on Facebook … and I would choose family … those would make fabulous gifts for my awesome siblings.

  8. Believe, and it would be a giant Christmas sign – I'd add a way to attach cards to it too.

  9. I think I'd choose the family definition. I've been looking for something to give my Mother-in-law for Christmas and this could be perfect!

  10. I would chose the laundry definition. I'm working on that room and this would be great!Thanks for the chance to win!


  11. I would choose laundry so I'd remember what I went in there for when I go into the laundry room 😉

  12. Think I would choose "Play" and put it at the lake. Whether we are inside playing pool or out on the water, it's a great reminder to have fun!

  13. I am new to your blog and LOVE it. I would choose either laundry or family. Love them all though!

  14. I would pick laundry! I am in the middle of a laundry room redo and have been for over a month! ha!

    sims.whitney at

  15. I think I would pick the family one if I won. The laundry one is my favorite but, I don't have any wall space in my laundry room.

  16. I would choose Laundry – my Laundry room needs some serious updating, this would be a great start!

  17. I would choose Laundry – my Laundry room needs some serious updating, this would be a great start!

  18. I would choose Laundry – my Laundry room needs some serious updating, this would be a great start!

  19. I would choose Laundry – my Laundry room needs some serious updating, this would be a great start!

  20. I'd choose the Laundry sign. My laundry room is in desperate need of a makeover (think [dirty] pale pink paint from the previous owner…though we've lived there 5 years). This would be a great start to a makeover!

  21. "Home" for sure. We *just* moved into our first house (this past Saturday) and the sign would be a great addition to make it feel like ours.

  22. I'd love to have any of these – i tried purchasing some but shipping to Canada was not an option 🙁

  23. Very cool! I'd probably choose 'Laundry' as my laundry room is in need of sprucing up!


  24. I love these! I especially love that the entire definition can be applied at once rather than word by word. I would have a hard time choosing between Family, Play or Laundry.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  25. I would go for "play" and put it in the boy's playroom

  26. Love this idea!! I would choose the family definition for sure. And then the play definition as my husband and I forget how and why to play.

  27. I would have to choose dream or believe… I dont have my laundry room done yet so cant do that one! lol

  28. Laundry. Love it!
    Fan of SIOTW on Facebook 🙂

  29. Definitely Family…one of my best friends is moving 100's of miles away and the definition fits our love and connection for each other.

  30. LOVE these!!
    I'd definitely choose "Family".
    And I have the perfect place to hang it already. 🙂

    RachAHansen at msn dot com

  31. Thank you for the great giveaway! I would choose "Laundry" to add a little pizazz to a boring room. I'm a new follower to your blog, and am just loving it!! Thanks for the great ideas.

  32. If I were to win I would definitely pick the word "believe." I'm not a mother and I don't have a family of my own yet, so believe seems to be the most fitting for me.

  33. I would choose "Believe" or "Home"… because I believe most people don't know what either of those two words ACTUALLY mean!

  34. My choice would Have to be Family. Since my youngest was taken from us, we truely all treasure our smaller family.

  35. I would chose Home, it would make a great addition to my dining room.

    Thanks for the chance to win!!

  36. It's a tough choice between family and home. I'd probably go with home and put it over my stairs.

  37. Hmmm…either "believe," "dream," or the "laundry" one–I need something to make my laundry room more interesting!

  38. Thank you so much for this opportunity! I think I would choose family and give it to my mom, she would love it!

  39. I am getting ready to turn my little boys room into a big boy room and would love the Play sign for his room. Thanks!

  40. I think it would have to be CREATE…… but BELIEVE is good too – – awww they are all good…..

  41. I love the believe one. What do you mean by "Vinyl"sorry I'm dense but is this a vinyl sticker that I can stick onto anything? If so, what size is the sticker? I'm assuming it's clear? As a DIY'er myself I'm curious how YOU made it:-)) That may be pushing it though if it's your trade secret. Thanks!

  42. I would have to say "dream."

    It was hard to decide, they are all lovely.


    -Meredith @ meredith and maggie

  43. I think I'd go with the laundry one ~ because this is the moment I am typing. A moment ago, it would have been dream, and if I don't hurry and get this sent, it will change to family, or play, or…

  44. Oh…I would pick "Home". Just saying that word, brings up such great memories for me. 🙂

    imisstx at comcast dot net

  45. They are all so nice and i can find a place for everyone of them but i think I would start with Family. I will put that in my hall with pictures of my family around it.

  46. I really like the Family definition, but really could buy several! Thanks for showing how you made this work!

  47. The laundry definition. We just bought our first house and I haven't even started decorating the laundry room. But I think this definition would go perfectly! 🙂

  48. All of the definitions are wonderful, and I think Home and Laundry are my favorites.

    I also became a fan of say it on the wall on FB.

  49. i would choose "laundry". i just painted my laundry room a fun orange color and the definition would be the perfect added touch!

  50. hi! i would choose "home" and use it to make a sign for my son and daughter-in-love's home. they would love it! thanks for the chance to win 🙂

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