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How would you define your style? I always get overwhelmed with defining, or sometimes defending, my decorating choices.  I always say I know what I like when I see it but it is hard to puts words to it.  I am not afraid of mixing patterns, metals, styles or colors.  If you walked through my old house (please don’t walk through my new house – it is a hot mess!) you would see a boy’s bedroom with a country chic backdrop, modern fabrics and industrial touches.  In my guest room you would see classic lines, a pop of color and fresh accessories.  In my kid’s playroom you would see lots of color, functional storage and clean lines.  So how do you define that style? Psycho? Hod Podged?


Well whatever your definition is my home is a reflection of the often chaotic passions, loves and colors I like at the time.  My home tells a story and welcomes a guest.  My home is a soft place for our family to land and an open door to family and friends.  Which is think is cooler than any definition of style don’t you think?

My Boy’s Bedroom


Here are some things I am crushing on right now.  Dark wood tones with bright white paint.  I am digging white built-ins like my mudroom because I think they are classic and will outlive any foolish color scheme or fresh find I must have in the moment.

Our Playroom


I am crushing on coral, aqua, yellow and mint green – all together.  Which is why I have spent hours looking for the perfect fabric or pillows to set the tone for my family room.  Which I still haven’t found.

My Guest Bedroom


I also love unexpected bold color choices in small spaces like a bathroom or an office.  Which is why we lived with a purple bathroom paired with classic white board and batten.  The stark contrast?  SWOOOOOON!

Our Half Bath


I also love wood tones in a room paired with a painted piece of furniture. I think it adds interest and layers.

Room I designed for La-Z-Boy


So this is what I love.  The best I could “define it” was fresh classic.  I love classic pieces of furniture, white trim, satin nickel finishes, and furniture that’s style will stand the test of time.  However, I love a fresh take with bold colors, trendy patterns and designs, and whatever the hottest fad is at the time.  Yes I don’t mind a little chevron – the biggest fad of all times {snicker}.

Right now, we’ve teamed up with five bloggers and Dutch Boy to help spread the word. Dutch Boy is holding a sweepstakes to help you define your style.

Here’s how to enter:

• Visit Dutch Boy.

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