I am so excited to yet again talk about Mandie from Altar’d.  She wrote a fantastic book called “How to Paint Furniture 101.”  This is the perfect book if you want to know how to do it before you do it.  I just bumbled my way through refinishing pieces until I found my “plan” and it happens to be the exact same as Mandie.  We even use most of the same products.  She did teach me how to glaze and distress now!  No more streaky glazing!  Mandie just released a new e-book called “Decorative Finishes 201.”  If you want to kick your furniture refinishing know how to the next level this is the book for you. For $10 this baby is a little gem!

Click below for giveaway…

Here is where she talks about different products and techniques to get the high end look of painted furniture.  She discusses metallics, silver leafing, decoupage, stripes, stencils, etc. If I am not convincing you let her portfolio…Pic2Pic3pic4Georgia

Mandie is offering you a chance to win one of her e-books.  To be entered to win tell me what finish you would most like to learn about.  I will pick three winners.  Of course if you can’t wait to win it you can buy it by click the button below.

(giveaway will be closed at midnight EST on 11/21/10)

I hope you have been enjoying my Pennywise Presents series.  We will continue Monday through Thursday for the next three weeks as well.  I hope you will be inspired to get out there and make handmade Christmas gifts.  I am sure there will be something for most people on your list.

Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.

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  1. Would LOVE to learn the silver leaving! I love the look of the mirrored end tables but can't imagine shelling out the clams (yes…pun fully intended!) for one! Silver leafed ones are the next best thing!

  2. Wow!~ I would love to win to learn more about, well, just painting furniture PERIOD!!! I am scared to death to paint an old buffet, but it MUST be done!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  3. I think everything looks great! I would love to learn how to silver leaf and glaze like a PRO 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  4. OMG! You've read my mind. I have a settee withprimer on the frame and my first pack of silver leaf and the adhesive sitting next to it. I need these instructions.

  5. i would love to have a no-fail antiquing/glazing method — i am IN LOVE with each and every one of Mandie's teal/turquoise pieces… for reals!
    kristinmik at gmail dot com

  6. I would just love to learn anything to make me brave enough to try to paint and stain my dining room table. It needs it so bad but I just don't have the guts to do it!

  7. This is an awesome giveaway!! i'd love to learn how to use various mediums on furniture including paper, fabric, and glazes. I have a few pieces in mind that could use a good coat of paint, plus some. I'd love to pull off something fun and funky in my craft room, but I'm not brave enough to try on my own – not yet!
    Fingers crossed.

  8. I think maybe I read somewhere that she does an "anthropology distressed" look. That's what I want to learn!

  9. I've never glazed a piece of furniture before, so I'd like to read her tips on glazing. It would also be fun to learn about metallics.

  10. I have been doing a little painting and glazing but I really like the decoupaged look and would mabye try it for the dresser in my little boy's room that I've been trying to figure out something to do.

  11. I LOVE the aquamarine dresser! I'd also love to refinish a side table.

    thanks for the opportunity!

  12. Don't put me in the drawing Beckie, I am going to purchase the e-book. YaY! I just want to tell you that any piece of furniture you've made over is always fabulous and thanks to Mandie for sharing her talent. Those dressers are gorgeous! xo

  13. I would like to learn it all. I'm not very good at decoupaging so I could use some tips on that.

  14. I am new to the entire experience of refinishing furniture so I would love to learn all of it!! Distressing would be my first….

  15. I've tried my hand at the silver leafing and a little glazing, but for some reason stenciling is scary to me! And the stripes… I just want to learn it all!!!

  16. For Christmas I've asked my parents to get me ALL THINGS manly….as in a staple gun, a drimel, a paint sprayer, a saw, etc. I am SO excited to get a little deeper into my refurbishing. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the notes detailing on the furniture piece. I also love the shadow effort that makes a piece look "dirty". I want to learn about it all just honestly! I'm so excited to get these "power tools"! 🙂

  17. I would like to learn how to glaze, how to apply silver leaf, and just easier painting ideas in general…

  18. I'm just getting into the painting furniture, and I would love to have her first e-book on it, then I could move in to the decorative stuff later on. I have so many ideas swimming in my head (it's getting crowded), and I need some help/motivation that I can do them all!

  19. show me how to make things look silver! I love the mirrored look and I thought it might be a cheaper option!

  20. I would love to learn how to use glaze….it really makes the project interesting. Seeing your turquoise shelf and mirror with the glaze…makes me want to try it myself!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  21. YAY!! I bought the first book it took all my fear away about tackling redoing all the "projects" in my garage… and I've finished 3 in the last 2 weeks! With the second book, I could do even more, and possibly be able to park in my garage for the first time in years!

  22. I'm interested in the silver leafing technique.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  23. I would love to learn the right way to glaze. Every time I try it it comes out streaky looking.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  24. I would love to learn how to do everything especially the aquamarine piece with the glazing! I have tried distressing and had to repaint it. Then I tried glazing and had to do that over again and again, and yet again until I got the piece I was working on to a point that it was acceptable, but not what I was envisioning. I now have a bunch of pieces that are just sitting and waiting for me to build up the courage to try and distress and/or glaze! I just need the know-how so I can have the confidence to finish my pieces and work on more! 🙂

  25. I would love to learn how to glaze and distress things! I've been wanting to for a while, but just not sure how to make it look good…this book would be perfect!

  26. WOW!!! I am self-taught but need to learn the proper way. I would love to take it to the next level and this book is hte answer for me. I adore all her pieces but the 3 drawer nightstand/end table with all the drawers done differently has me drooling. Simply georgous!!!

  27. I love all of the distressed and antique glazed pieces but I would be so afraid to try something like this myself. I would love to get the ebook to learn how to do this.

  28. I've seen this ebook on your blog and other blogs and have wondered about it. Thanks for the "testimonial"!

  29. I want to learn more about the glazing process she uses. I want to redo a large antique armoire for my daughters room. I'm thinking about doing some stenciling on it as well. I how to guide would really help me!

  30. I would love to learn more about glazing!! I have just been going w/ trial and error, but I would love to know firsthand what the best way is! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  31. I absolutely ADORE the silver dresser. I want to know how to do that without making it look too silver. Ya know what I mean? I want to learn how to tone down the silver. I have an old chair in my basement waiting patiently for me to do something like that to the arms and legs.

  32. I want to learn to glaze. I have just started playing with furnishing a little bit and that is the next thing I am aiming to try.

  33. I want to learn about painting and prepping the furniture. I have several pieces that I am trying to decide exactly how to finish. Thanks for the giveaway. Jackie

  34. I just inherited a 4 piece girls bedroom set that needs a new look. I haven't decided what technique would look best but I'd love to get some great tips and ideas!

  35. OMG! I have a piece like that last one, almost identical except for some of the decorative wood turnings that would look super cool with that same technique done to it. Is that glazing or antiquing? I'm not sure, but the color is awesome. In fact I have a feature wall painted that color in my living room, so I really need to know how I can transform my little dresser/desk/vanity to look that way! :o)

  36. I would love to learn about glazing. I just can't seem to get it right with the other tutorials out there!

  37. I would love to learn more about distressing and glazing. I just need help period though!

  38. I would love to learn more about distressing, silver leaving, and decoupauge!!! I am just starting to redo furniture, so this would be a great asset to me!!

  39. Ooh, I would love to learn better strategies for painting wood furniture. I'm sort of in the bumbling stage now, and would like to make sure I am doing it right for the long term.

  40. The silver leaf/brushed metal look is amazing!! I'd also like to learn that well-kept secret of streak-free glazing. Thanks for letting us play along and become acquainted with a new book of techniques.

  41. Anything, Anything to make my painting techniques better would help! I would love to learn how to paint my furniture because I have had 8 children and they have worn it out!

  42. All I can say is wow. I have been refinishing furniture for resale for awhile but this stuff makes mine look my husband painted it! REally interested in the glazing and leafing techniques. Guess I will have to buy the book If I don't win!!

  43. Amazing! The french black chest of drawers in your furniture for sale looks like it came right off of a showroom floor. Just look at that perfect sheen!! I would love to know how to achieve a beautiful finish like that.

  44. I would love to learn about stencils. Because, when I think of stenciling a piece of furniture, it ain't pretty 😉 The 1980's come to mind…

  45. I love the distressed look, so it's always great to learn more techniques and tricks!

  46. I would love to learn how to do metallics! And antiquing…I've always wanted to try it, but haven't yet had the guts.

  47. I would so love to have her newest book and learn about using metallic paints. I really love them, but am a bit scared to just start slapping them on things. I always worry it'll look like something from the disco era or the 80s.

  48. Man, oh man! I have COVETED her furniture eBook. Wait…does admitting to sin disqualify me?! :/ Anyway, refinishing prefab/laminate and fixing jab marks on roadkill rescues are two of my top needs.

  49. We are buying our first house together in January, it's going to be and older home, so I am going to be doing alot of painting and "recyling", I need to learn just about every technique out there, but Glazing would be my top choice. Thanks for the chance to win

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