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Welcome to another Pennywise Presents post.  Today’s tutorial comes from Amy from Positively Splendid.  She teaches us how to make hand-dipped Sundae Candles.  They are so adorable.  You must come check them out.
Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.

Hello, IC Readers! I am delighted to be here today sharing a wallet-friendly project for Beckie’s Pennywise Presents series. Haven’t all of the projects been fabulous so far?


I love coming up with ways to repurpose items I already have on hand to create something new. With the exception of a couple of supplies, everything I used to make these fun Sundae Candles was something I already had lying around the house. Very pennywise!

All set to see how I put these together? Let’s get started.
For this project, you will need… 

Glass containers that look tasty enough to hold a sundae (look for some that have lids for great presentation)
White candles
Zinc-core wicks
An old microwave-safe container
Disposable paper cups
Disposable plastic forks, spoons, or knives
Large skewer
Kiss-shaped candy mold (available at places like Hobby Lobby and Michaels)
Non-stick cooking spray
Essential oils to scent your candles (optional)

step 1 Use a sharp knife to very carefully chop your candles into fine pieces. (Take care to avoid the candle wicks as you chop.) Place your pieces in your microwave-safe container, and microwave on high in 1-minute intervals, stirring after each minute, until your wax is completely melted.


step 2 Finely chop a small portion of a red crayon, and place the pieces in one of your disposable cups. Pour a small amount of your melted wax over the crayon pieces, and stir to incorporate using one of your disposable utensils. Add a drop of two of essential oil to your prepared wax, if using. Spray your candy mold with non-stick cooking spray, and then carefully pour your wax into the mold, filling one space for each candle you plan to make. Place your filled mold in the refrigerator to help it set up more quickly.


step 3 After about 10 minutes in the fridge, take your large skewer and poke a hole down through the center of each kiss shape. (This will be the hold you guide the wick through later on.) Allow the pieces to set completely before you remove them from the mold.

step 4 Cut a length of wick that is a couple of inches longer than the height of your glass container. Use a small dab of hot glue to secure it to the bottom center of your container, as shown. Wrap the excess wick around a pencil or a foam paint brush, and use this to hold your wick at the center of your candle in the next step by placing it as shown.


step 5 In the same manner you did in step 2, finely chop crayons in the colors of your choice, and place them in disposable cups. This is one time when white crayons are actually worth a hill of beans; they work great to create your top "whipped cream" layer! Pour melted wax over the color you want to be at the bottom of your candles. Mix well, add your essential oil (optional), then pour the wax into the bottom of your prepared glass containers. Place the containers in the fridge to set up for 15 minutes or so before repeating this process for your subsequent layers. Make sure your final layer is a white layer to give your sundaes an authentic look!


step 6 Once all of your layers have set up, unwind your wicks from their holders. Dab a small amount of wax onto the bottom of your cherry pieces, and then slip the wicks up through the center of these pieces. Push down gently so your cherry is affixed to your candle.

Now, tie a festive piece of ribbon to the lid of your completed candles. All done!

These candles would make terrific gifts for teachers, co-workers, neighbors, friends, and people from church. This is a marvelous project to do with little ones! A very sweet way to punch these up would be to add a little hand-written tag to your ribbon that says something like,


"My life is sweeter because you’re in it!"
Thanks, Beckie, for having me over! Merry Christmas, everyone!

Ack!!!  That is so cool Amy.  Amy is one of the best kept secrets on the web.  It seems like I facebook or tweet out every single one of her projects.  Here are some of my favorite Positively Splendid posts.

Go over and visit Amy and tell her IC sent ya!
Positively Splendid

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  1. Love this idea for our "American Pie" celebration, scent would be wonderful too. By the way, check out my newly designed blog. I think you will like it. Have a great day.

  2. Thanks so much for the sweet words, friend!! It was such a pleasure and an honor to be asked to contribute to this series!

  3. Amy IS the best kept secret on the web! AMEN! Her taste is FLAWLESS! And her tutorials are like dessert for my eyes! (plus, she's super nice!)

    This is divine. As always. I never expect less from her!!

    Thanks for featuring this project Beckie!!

  4. Oh my goodness these are great! Thanks for the outstanding tutorial, I love visual! The final candles are adorable. Thank you for sharing all the specifics 🙂

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