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pom Welcome to Day 6 of Pennywise Presents.   Today’s guest is Taylor from MaryJanes & Galoshes.   She has written a tutorial for a gift that you can make for the teen in your life…an adorable pom keychain…

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Hello Infarrantly Creative readers! I’m Taylor, I write the DIY/Vintage eye candy blog MaryJanes and Galoshes.

I was so excited when Beckie asked me to be a part of Pennywise Presents, the only rule being that the handmade gift had to be made for less than $10.   You might think that would be a challenge but the truth is, most everything I do a tutorial on is made from thrift store finds or things I have around the house so pretty much everything is less than ten bucks! Check out the rest of my tutorials here.

Today I thought I would tackle the oh so hard to shop for TEEN! When you’re a teen the biggest thing in your life (or at least it was in mine) is driving! So today we are going to make this super fun, customizable, Pom Keychain!

Supply List:

Yarn (might I suggest the teen’s school colors!)

Cardboard (for making poms, I used a cereal box)

9″ of chain (links large enough to fit a piece of yarn through)

Dangles (mine are from repurposed jewelry, earings to be specific)

Jump Ring

Key Ring

Scrap of ribbon

Tool List- Scissors Pliers (to open and close jump rings)

First off make yourself two poms and leave a long tail when you tie it off. You can either make a pom maker out of cardboard or use an actual pom maker.   I used a cereal box.

If you don’t know how to make a pom there are some really great tutorials out there, just google it!

Thread one of your pom tails through a link 1 inch from each end of the chain.

Tie the tails together so that they knot around the chain and trim flush with the rest of the pom.   Now attach your dangles to the 1 inch of chain that you left dangle past the pom.   You can personalize the dangles to the teen, either something simple or funky (like my rock star guitar!).

Find the center of your chain and offset the poms a bit so they hang one slightly lower than the other. Attach a jump ring to this point of the chain and a key ring.

Tie a length of ribbon around both chains so that it covers the point that the jump ring and chain meets.   You can further personalize your key chain by using embroidery floss or fabric paint on the ribbon for the teen’s name or graduation year!

I hope you can check a hard to shop for teen of your list with this fun project! Thanks so much for having me here today, and don’t forget to check out my other tutorials for lots of inexpensive gift ideas! While your there sign up to receive MJ&G by e-mail or click the follow button! ♥Taylor

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  1. These are so cute! Thanks for sharing! And…just in time. I bought a huge bag of lots of skeins of yarn yesterday at Goodwill for $5…I KNOW my 16 yr. old daughter will enjoy making these for herself and friends!:)

  2. Oooh…if I still taught dance, these would be my gifts to all of my girls- love it! The school colors idea is so great.
    Happy Thanksgiving:)

  3. Cute as can be! Now I can use up my chain pieces and try this with school colors! Thanks for a neat-o, kiddoe project 🙂

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