3 Easy Ornaments

Tidy Mom is here on Day 15 to share with us three different ornament ideas with those glass ball ornaments.   They are all quick and easy and would make a stunning addition to your Christmas tree.

Saved pennies spilling out of a Santa stocking.

Happy Holidays IC readers!!!! I’m Cheryl, aka TidyMom! When I am not baking, crafting or running around with my camera you can find me over in my little corner of the universe at TidyMom.net.
I was beyond thrilled when Beckie asked me to join the Pennywise Presents series!!

Handmade gift ideas for $10 or under?

Easy Peasy!! I knew just what I wanted to share!

Come along…………lets make someone SMILE!

I have 3 super easy ornaments to share using clear glass ball ornaments!3 Easy Ornaments

You can pick up a box of 4 or 6 at most craft stores for well under $5 (use a coupon and get them even cheaper) – making each one $1 or less.

Glitter Snowflake

First up, and probably my favorite……….the Glitter Snowflake!

Glitter supplies


  • 1 clear glass ball ornament

  • Beacon Glitter it! (found at Hobby Lobby – used my 40% off coupon)

  • Silver Glitter

  • vinyl snowflake


  1. Per instructions on the bottle of GLITTER IT -remove hanger from ornament and add one tablespoon of white vinegar to one cup of warm water and pour a small amount into the ornament. Swirl around to thoroughly clean glass. Empty ornament and rinse well with warm water. Let dry completely. (do this step a day a head or use a hair dryer to speed up drying like I did lol)
  2. Pour a small amount of GLITTER IT into ornament. Swirl around to coat the entire inner surface. Add more if needed.
  3. Immediately add about 1 teaspoon of fine glitter to inside of ornament . (I poured some glitter onto a piece of paper with a fold and use it to guide/pour the glitter into the ornament) then rotate and shake ornament until the inside of the ornament is completely covered with glitter. If necessary, add additional GLITTER-IT and glitter until all areas are covered.
  4. Turn ornament upside down and shake away any excess glitter.
  5. Add vinyl snowflake to outside of ornament. (I cut mine with my Silhouette SD from the free library)
  6. Replace hanger, (*note – I spray painted the hanger with white spray paint to give some contrast.)

These were SOOO incredibly easy, my girls and I plan to make many more! I love that you get the look of GLITTER with out the GLITTER MESS!Snow Filled

We made Snow Filled ornaments last year and enjoyed them so much, they were first on our list for this year! This is a GREAT last minute gift idea, because you can seriously make one in under 5 minutes.

snow supplies


  • 1 clear glass ball ornament

  • Epsom salt (you can buy this at any drug store, super store or even the dollar store)

  • Ribbon

  • Vinyl initial


  1. Removed hanger from ornament
  2. Fill ornament 1/2 full with snow “Epsom salt”
  3. replace hanger
  4. add vinyl letter (you can buy vinyl letter at the craft supply store, or cut them with your craft cutter)
  5. add ribbon bow around hanger.

They even look nice with out the vinyl……….

snow orn plain

What a great gift for anyone, but especially for those who don’t have snow!

Last up……….but certainly not least………a little more bling! Tinsel Filled

Tinsel Filled



  • 1 glass ball ornament

  • tinsel garland

  • vinyl letter


  1. Remove hanger.
  2. Cut a small piece of tinsel garland (approx 4-5′) twist and insert into ornament.
  3. Place vinyl letter on the outside (again, you can purchase the vinyl letters, or cut with a Silhouette SD or other craft cutter).
  4. Replace hanger.

Again………super easy………..super fast…….VERY inexpensive.

I hope you have fun making some of these ornaments for gifts…….they’re so quick and fun, you can even let the kids help make their own personalized ornaments to place on the tree! The possibilities with these clear glass balls are just endless!! I’ve even seen small pictures dropped inside ( print on copy paper, roll the photo and drop into ornament, then use tweezers to move it around inside the ornament! )

GO craft………..Have FUN!! ………….Don’t forget the Christmas music and hot cocoa!

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  1. Very cool. I love all three.
    I did the first one but used my floor wax instead of Glitter It. 🙂 Works just the same.
    I haven't got a Silhouette yet….waiting for Santa. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing,

  2. Love these. And you know you're a craftaholic when you see someone's project and know you have that same ribbon ( I do), paper etc. lol.

  3. Cute ideas and so simple! My kids would have a blast doing this. I'll wait till next year, though, so the youngest is a bit older and doesn't break them. LOL

  4. I never even heard of Glitter It -I am going to make some of these tomorrow -Thanks for the grat ideas 🙂

  5. So pretty!

    I'm loving your blog. I have been looking for little buckets to make an advent calender for months. Since finding your site and learning that you found yours at Dollar tree, I made a bucket advent of my own! = ) Thanks so much!

  6. I love these ideas… There is a Silhouette under my tree for my daughter, I plan to borrow it often…

  7. Love them. They are so easy! We made several last year using craft paint and rolling it around inside the glass ball. The girls had a great time and they came out amazingly well. What fun.

  8. I am copying the Epsom salt ornaments! So cute. And posting a link from my blog. Thanks for sharing these!! so fun!

  9. the only bad thing about the epsom salt ornament if you live in a humidity filled state as louisiana it gets really nasty looking!!

  10. yea i made some 2 look like a melted snowman for my daughter’s 1st class & had them all ready to go & realized the salt was getting sticky & funky looking so we emptied them & filled them with buffalo snow & my daughter drew snowman faces on them! they came out really cute!

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