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Hello sweet IC readers.  I hope you are enjoying your summer.  I am just recouping from 10 days in Michigan living the life at my dad’s lake house – my favorite place in the world.  Water skiing, tubing, laying in the sun and eating good food is my idea of a relaxing family time.  Before I left to come to my dad’s house my twin cousins and their two kiddos came for a visit.  We decided to cheese it up and make custom screen printed “HUG life†t-shirts that read “Thug Life? Drop the “T†son and bring it here†{giggle}.

Custom Screen Printed T-shirts

I love screen printing.  Currently I use the Simply Screen Kit by Plaid. I love it and it has worked awesome for the many projects I have done.  The beauty of screen printing is that once you make your screen you can make t-shirts over and over again.


Black and White Printer

Thug Life PDF

Simply Screen Kit

Simply Screen Paint

ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

Iron to heat set

making your own screenprinted tshirts

All you need to do is print out a design in black and white on your printer and then expose it to the light inside the Simply Screen box.  After 25 minutes rinse your screen.  The rinsing part takes a little effort to scrub and rinse.  But after you are done the screen is ready to be used over and over again.

Simply Screen Screenprinting Kit

easy screenprinting technique

Next tape your screen down in place and gently scrap the Simply Screen paint over your design.  Let it dry 2 minutes and add another coat scraping the paint the other direction.

how to screenprint using simply screen

Then gently peel away the screen.  After the paint dries (24 hours later) heat set it with a press cloth and hot iron.

simply screen

Next we totally cheesed it up and had a fun photo shoot laughing hysterically the whole time.

thug life shirtsscreenprinted hug life shirtssimply screen tshirts

Here we are huggin it out! I love these girls so much!  My husband keeps waiting for the day I am in public and some guy comes up and hugs me.  I doubt that will happen, what do you think?

hug life tee shirts

For more tutorials, step-by-steps, and more screenprinting tricks on how to screen print using the Simply Screen check out these projects I have done in the past.

simply screen printed projects

Left to Right: Hug Life Shirts, Indiana Love Pillows, Monogram Pillow, Deer Family Pillow, I’m the Man T-shirt, Christmas Subway Art Pillow

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  1. Love it. The pictures were cracking me up. You are crazy! I loved to hear you were in MI. Going on Sat. for a week in Northern MI, in a condo, overlooking the water, two blocks from the cute local beach in Harbor Springs. Wed. through Sat. here in MO was 75-82 degrees and we were lovin’ it. With outstretched arms I would say “This is what summer should be like!” and oh, it felt like MI. 🙂 Feeling the MI love.Glad you had a wonderful time!

  2. I’ve been waiting to see the finished product since I follow you on Instagram and got the sneak peek! LOVE THEM And I never knew Plaid made a screen printing kit AWESOME

  3. Spending a week at the lake is about as close as it gets to heaven on earth for me. It was da bomb! Hope you have a great vacay as well – sounds dreamy! And glad you enjoyed our fun photos {giggle}!

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