Here is a picture of my handsome hubs and I all relaxed and sitting on a dock in Roatan, Honduras at Tabyana Beach. The water was beautiful even though the weather was a bit overcast. Can you tell we are refreshed and rested with 10 hours of sleep + each night? LOL!
One of the places we went to was the Bahamas. We have been to Nassau before but never to Freeport.

There was a lot of devastation in Freeport from recent hurricanes. Here is a tree that was literally uprooted from the storm. Freeport, at least where we were, was very industrial. We rented a scooter (our very favorite thing to do) and buzzed around the island. Can you just imagine a pregnant lady on a scooter, yah it was quite a site!

The most favorite part of our vacation was searching for conch shells on the beach. We got some pretty neat shells to take home as souvenirs. Then we hopped on the scooter and saw millions of discarded conch shells on the side of this particular shore. There were some fishermen nearby so Tim asked if we could take some. He said, “Get a truck and take them all.” I guess they dive for these conchs, get the mussel out and then discard them. He said every 3-4 months or so someone comes and collect them all and ships them overseas, maybe to make jewelry out of them or something???

They were super friendly and started telling Tim all about diving for conchs and that a mussel lived inside that you actually ate. One of the guys pulled us aside to show us the process.

He stabbed the top of the shell to break the hold of the mussel and then Tim pulled out the gunk…


So one of the fishermen started chopping it up and said you can eat it raw. GAAAAAWROSS!!!

Of course, my husband the adventurer that he is, decided to go for it. There was no way I was tasting it. Of course, I blamed it on my pregnancy. But anyone who knows me well knows I wouldn’t try it unless a very large sum of money was in front of my face.

You can tell how good it tasted from Tim’s face below.

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  1. What a blessing that you two were able to get away and have such a fun adventure. I hope someday DH and I can do something similar. Maybe for our 10th anniversary?!?

    Glad to have you back in the blogging world – you were missed!

  2. Whoah!!!! That sea of conch shells is incredible! Who knew that they were discarded in a heap like that? I’ve never seen so many in one place! Especially as “trash”! Did you take any back with you?

    I can’t believe your hubby ate that thing! I’m with you…there is no way! 😉 My hubby would have eaten it too though!

  3. Please, tell Tim that has got to be one of the grossest things I’ve ever seen. The thought of eating that makes me sick to my stomach. : (- (Tried to make a face with the tongue out.) : )

  4. so glad you guys had a great time! good thing you were prego, so you had an excuse to not eat that disgusting thing!

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