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No I am not pregnant! However, I love how creative women have gotten with announcing pregnancies, revealing the gender of their babies, decorating for baby showers and even nursery decor. 

I think there is nothing more magical and amazing then bringing a child into this world. And getting creative and having fun with the process is part of the fun.

While 2 is my limit of kiddos being birthed by this woman, I am now enjoying that whole process with my cousins. My side of the family had 4 new babies last year and at least 2 more this year. So we have lots of little ones to enjoy.


My cousin Lindsay wanted a fun way to announce her pregnancy on Facebook. Because, let’s be honest, announcing it on Facebook is almost as fun as finding out you are pregnant in the first place. 

She saw an adorable hand-painted sign on Etsy and the idea was born to create a printable out of it.

creative way to announce pregnancy

So if you have a fun-loving, super-hero acting boy this is an adorable way to announce the coming of a second child.

fun ways to announce your pregnant

I usually get mine printed at Sam’s Club or Costco.  

This would work for an 11” x 14” or less. 

The one pictured is an 8” x 10”. 

Then dress your super hero in a cape and mask and snap a picture.


Get Your Hero Sign

To personalize yours…

1. Download the “Every Superhero Needs a Sidekick” printable.

2.  Upload it to


3.  Click on the Blender tool.


4.  Click on the text tool. Then type in the arrival date.


5.  Change the font to Pacifico.


6.  Make sure the text is still highlighted and click on the color. 

Then click somewhere in the blue text of “superhero” to change it to the blue color.


7.  Now use the box around the font to stretch and arrange the font you created to fit perfectly in the white banner.


And it will look like this….


8.  Click the save button (the little disk icon at the right at the very top).  And save with 100% quality.

saving-photoNow you can upload it to your favorite photo printing place and get it printed out.  Then pop it in a frame and enjoy your photo shoot.


Look at that little tongue sticking out! Isn’t my cousin adorable? 

I am hoping for Wonder Woman or Cat Woman to be the sidekick in October. {Giggle}

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  1. Thank you so much for this and the great (super easy! tutorial! We are announcing tomorrow using this!!

  2. This is awesome!!! I’m planning on using it, but was going to try and print it at home, only the black is an inch short for an 8×10. 🙁

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