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Rugs are a very handy item in the home, adding not just warmth and comfort to a space, but also style. A rug can tie a room’s decor together, make a space feel cozier, cover up less-than-lovely flooring, or provide a place to play, amongst other things.


However, there are actually a variety of other ways that floor coverings can be utilized that you might not have considered. If you have a rug that is damaged or worn in one spot that you don’t want to part with, or if you want to buy an area rug that has a great design but not quite the right dimensions for a room’s floor, keep in mind that you can get creative with decorating options.

Crate and Barrel Area Rugs


There are many different ways to make use of beautiful rugs; they don’t have to be relegated to just the floor. From folding them over headboards or dressing up ottomans, to using them as an interesting piece of art on the wall, there are many ways in which rugs can come in handy. Read on for some alternative ideas you can put in place today.

Dress Up a Bed Headboard

Rug on Headboard from BHG


If you have a plain, ugly or outdated headboard you can dress it up quickly and simply by hanging a lovely rug across it. Fabric headboards have become very popular over the last few years, so you can get in on the trend in a unique way with a rug. Let the floor covering be the focal point of the room if you’d like, and opt for a simple white quilt cover or instead match one or more of the colors in the rug.

Create New Pillowcases



Alternatively, another way to bring floor rugs into the bedroom is by using them to create a pillowcase. You can repurpose decorative small rugs or pieces of a large one (especially those with tassels or other pretty ornamental designs) by wrapping them around throw pillows on your bed.

Cover an Ottoman

Area Rug Ottoman


A decorative rug that has been damaged in one spot or that doesn’t fit in with your desired flooring preferences anymore can be re-used as an ottoman cover. This also gives you the opportunity to makeover an old piece rather than going to the expense of purchasing a new one. When covering an ottoman, the texture and design of a rug provides a striking look that can give real flair to a room.

Makeover Some Chairs



Area rugs can also be repurposed to dress up chairs in your various living spaces. If, for example, you find a rug that you love but don’t feel it’s large enough to decorate the floor in your room, consider turning it into some chair covers or completely upholstering some wingback chairs instead. Similarly, if you have a comfortable reading chair in your office or bedroom that needs a bit of brightening up, you can add some extra oomph to it by reupholstering it with a textured, fluffy rug.

Create New Artwork

Rug as Wall Art


Eye-catching area rugs can also look fabulous hung up on the wall as artwork, and have actually been used this way by many cultures across the globe for centuries. Whether your tastes are contemporary or traditional, hand-crafted and beautifully designed rugs with intricate details can have real artistic value, while often costing a fraction of the price of paintings and prints.

Design a Yoga Mat

If you’re a yoga lover looking for a more interesting-looking mat to practice on, consider rolling up your current one and creating a new design from a rug. Apart from generally being made in plain, boring designs, many yoga mats also tend to be quite slippery and not as helpful for poses as needed.

Yoga Rug


The texture of a rug, though, can provide more grip while also helping to lift your mood with its color and design at the same time.

Have you ever decorated with a rug in an alternative way?  I would love to hear in the comments below.

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