I love a package when a bow adorns the top. The really sweet looking bows are too rich for my blood though. However, those bag of bows that you buy 100 at a time for $3 are really ugly (sorry Mom!).

So if you want to try your hand at unique, one-of-a-kind bows then here’s a few ideas for you. I love this Eco Pom-Pom Bow made by Creature Comforts out of plastic baggies. It was amazingly easy. The one to the left is made out of a Kmart bag (thank you double coupons) and the one to the right is made out of those baggies that my Sunday newspaper comes in every week.

Next is Scrapbook Paper Bows by Dawn from Dawn’s Stamping Thoughts. I followed her video tutorial exactly except for two things. I didn’t have double-sided scrapbook paper so I used what I had. Also, I omitted the 3 brads and used one and didn’t use the glue dots. I just started with the 4 1″x5″ strips and put a brad through those, then added then 8 1″x6″ strips on the same brad and closed it when I was done. I don’t think glue dots hold as well as one brad through all layers. I am not a huge fan of using two different types of paper, but it was worth a try. I like all one color best.

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  1. Really? You think store-bought bows are ugly? It’s better than no bow at all…..right? 🙁

    But having said that………those bows you made are very very pretty!

    Put one on my gift…k? 😉

  2. Cool bows…I was going to go bowless this year, but now I might add some “trash” to my presents.

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