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I am a big fan of not using space that is prime real estate in my house for temporary solutions.  For example, a coat closet is a perfect location for vacuums, cleaning supplies, wrapping paper and extra toilet paper in my house.  I would rather provide a rack for guests to hang their coats, purses and accessories on rather than have a whole dedicated space for that when they come over.  That closet can serve me everyday, rather than on the occasions that guests come over.  While hanging racks can be found many different places I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to try Plaid’s new Faux Barnwood Painted Finishes.  I will say I was a bit skeptical that paint could achieve the realistic finish of barn wood.  But I must say I am very impressed with the results.



Plaid 2 part faux barnwood painted finishes

1†x 4†piece of wood


furniture buttons (optional)

220 grit sandpaper

metal wall hook



5/32†and 1/8†drill bit

1.  Take a regular piece of new wood and cut it down to the size you want.  Sand it with 220 grit sandpaper to make it smooth and ready to accept the stain and paint.

2.  Brush a light coat of part 1 onto your new board.  Let it dry for at least 4 hours.  Also brush a coat on the optional furniture buttons.


3.  Next add a liberal coat of the wax (part 2) and wipe it with a clean cloth (or sock in my case).


4.  Next drag a straight edge over the board to create the barn wood look.


5.  If any of the lines are too harsh wipe in the direction of the grain to soften the edges.  Let dry overnight.

6. Next attach your hooks.  Jo-Ann now carries a new line select number of hooks, knobs and pulls.  I grabbed these gorgeous chippy white ones from the store and drilled them in place.

faux-barnwood-paint (2)

7.  If there will be a lot of weight on it I highly recommend drilling it into studs.  I drilled 5/32†holes through the board where the studs were located.  Then I drilled halfway into those holes with 1/8†bit to accommodate the furniture buttons.


8.  With a level and a drill, attach the screws to the wall.  Next pop the furniture buttons in place to hide the screws.


Isn’t it beautiful?  I am impressed by the look of it.  It really does look authentic and was a fun product to use.


Not interested in creating the look of barnwood? Here are some projects that use real weathered wood (click on the picture to be taken to the post).

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