Crazy Girl or Big Adventure


Ok so this weekend I have a wedding in Chicago. (Please don’t leave me with Isaac all by myself two weekends in a row). I didn’t want to drive because of the gas prices. It also didn’t make sense because I only needed a one-way ticket because my mom will drive me back to Indy the next day. In order to make it to the wedding on time I am getting up at 3:15 a.m. (Yes you are crazy, do you remember what you are like on no sleep?) to drive to Indy to make a 4:05 a.m bus (don’t forget parking and walking by yourself, a hot red head, and waiting at a scary bus station – not safe). and arriving in Chicago at 6:20am(that is BUTT early). Then I am walking .86 miles to the Metra station (see comment above regarding hot red head walking in a scarier town than Indy) where I will then wait for 2 hours (doing what?) to take a train to Joliet. Then I will take an hour and 21 minute train ride (Are you tired yet?) where I will arrive in Joliet exhausted beyond measure and I will sleep until I need to get ready for the wedding (Are you sure you want to even go to the wedding?)

Cost: $9.50 for the bus to Chicago
$5.65 for the train to Joliet = $15.15

If I drove it would have cost me about $46.43 in gas
and $6.10 in tolls = $52.53

So I saved $37.38 but I am losing precious sleep and 4 hours of my life. (HMMMM, let me think what I would do?)

However, Great Blog Material: Priceless (Stupid)

What would you do? (Stay home and sleep, wake up and make your man a nice breakfast)