Ok so this weekend I have a wedding in Chicago. (Please don’t leave me with Isaac all by myself two weekends in a row). I didn’t want to drive because of the gas prices. It also didn’t make sense because I only needed a one-way ticket because my mom will drive me back to Indy the next day. In order to make it to the wedding on time I am getting up at 3:15 a.m. (Yes you are crazy, do you remember what you are like on no sleep?) to drive to Indy to make a 4:05 a.m bus (don’t forget parking and walking by yourself, a hot red head, and waiting at a scary bus station – not safe). and arriving in Chicago at 6:20am(that is BUTT early). Then I am walking .86 miles to the Metra station (see comment above regarding hot red head walking in a scarier town than Indy) where I will then wait for 2 hours (doing what?) to take a train to Joliet. Then I will take an hour and 21 minute train ride (Are you tired yet?) where I will arrive in Joliet exhausted beyond measure and I will sleep until I need to get ready for the wedding (Are you sure you want to even go to the wedding?)

Cost: $9.50 for the bus to Chicago
$5.65 for the train to Joliet = $15.15

If I drove it would have cost me about $46.43 in gas
and $6.10 in tolls = $52.53

So I saved $37.38 but I am losing precious sleep and 4 hours of my life. (HMMMM, let me think what I would do?)

However, Great Blog Material: Priceless (Stupid)

What would you do? (Stay home and sleep, wake up and make your man a nice breakfast)

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  1. lol thats too funny…..what we wouldnt do to save a few bucks, right? And I think all the men in our lives think we are stupid for posting such things….they just dont get it! 🙂

  2. I gotta go with Tim on this one. BUT…if you stay home, HE needs to make YOU breakfast. Those are the terms I’d agree to.

    Yeah, tell him I said that. He loves me.


  3. Its a adventure. Indy isnt bad even at that time of the morning and Chicago isnt bad at that time of the morning either. Take it from someone who lives in Indy and who goes to Chicago several times a yr. If you dont go what would you do this weekend? Just think if you dont drive you dont have to try to fight the crazy drivers in Chicago. You can also sleep on the bus and the train (bonus):)

  4. If I know you, it’s not that you don’t HAVE the $37 (I’m sure you saved that much with coupons grocery shopping this week)…it’s the principle, right? Taking EVERY opportunity to save $…it’s just not in you to spend money you don’t have to, right? I get you, girl.

    Although, adventure, no sleep and being 4 months preggers…it might be worth it on this one to cough up the $37 bucks.

  5. i agree with Eryn – time is money and you are worth the 37 bucks!! so is that baby in your belly! have a fun trip however you get there!

  6. So wasn’t it like last week that you were saying how EXHAUSTED you are?? Unless you’ve had an incredible burst of energy I have no idea how you’re going to drag your butt out of bed at 3:15AM! Is that even a real time?!

    And my hubs would second not letting his hot red head wander streets and parking lots before dawn.

    I say cough up the $37, save yourself some stress and danger.

  7. Beckie, beckie, beckie, you’re cheapness knows NO bounds!!! This is an all time low for you. How much is your time worth?

    You know the right answer to this one..I know you do.

  8. Oh my girl! I wouldn’t have even questioned it for that amount of money. $200…maybe. You are NUTS!!!!

  9. i have to agree with LeeAnn, Beckie. 200 bucks, maybe. i get the principle….but please, tell me you are not going to do this for real, for the sake of 37 bucks? you can be dave ramsey’s poster girl if you do though.

  10. Beckie, I would do it the way you are doing it for two reasons and neither of them have anything to do with 37 bucks…….

    first…..adventure. I would do this just to prove I could.

    second…….driving by oneself is soooooooooooooo boring.

    However, I am not a hot red head or pregnant. Spend the money.

  11. I would drive for sure! I am not a fan of public transportation. Probably because I have only lived in Vancouver and Las Vegas. I would be scared! I would also put monetary value on the extra time it would take, and my lack of sleep. So therefore, I would drive!

  12. the title is yours…you win…you will FOREVER be knows and the crown bearer….THE QUEEN OF CHEAP! You crazy girl

  13. LOL! I’d do the same thing as you, and Ken would think I was crazy! You’d think they’d appreciate how we stretch their hard-earned dollars, wouldn’t ya?! ;P

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