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I have some exciting news to announce.  WE ARE GOING ON A CRUISE! The Craftermind girls have teamed up to have a blog conference/craft retreat aboard the Monarchy of the Seas, October 21-24 to the Bahamas.  I would absolutely be over-the-moon to meet some of my readers.  Do you want to come?


Not only will you walk away having been refreshed and renewed by being around other creative women – you will get to participate in 4 crafty sessions and 4 blogging sessions.  It is the best of both worlds! 


The Craftermind Girls are:

Amy from Mod Podge Rocks

Jen from Tatertots & Jello

Beckie from Infarrantly Creative (that’s me) and

Heather from Dollar Store Crafts

All the information and registration is available right here.  We are only taking 75 people total so it is going to be an intimate conference with plenty of time to connect with other women and get your questions about blogging answered.

So who is coming with me?

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  1. If I weren’t just about to move to California, basically the polar opposite side of the country from where the cruise departs from I would be whipping out my credit card for sure! You guys are like my blogging heroes!


    No doubt you will, but I’ll say it regardless. Have Fun!

  2. For about 3 seconds, my husband was going to let me go (although I think he wanted to come along too)! Unfortunately, we’d just booked a holiday with my in-laws for the same time, and it’s an expensive flight from Australia!

    (If you want to host a follow-up cruise in the South Pacific, I’m definitely in!)

  3. In my dreams! But really, I did dream about you last night! You were this REALLY famous crafter who toured the country filling big pavillions with women who paid to come see you talk about crafting. We “locals” were all so excited that you were coming to the Rose Garden and couldn’t wait to see you. Is this forshadowing? 🙂

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