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Ummm yes, that redhead you saw on TV last night was me!  I was one of the contestants on Craft Wars airing on TLC.  If you missed the show and you want to watch it you can purchase it for $1.99 on ITunes.  I am in the episode “Blinded By the Light.”


Did you like my 16 minutes of fame!?  Well I took the bronze medal in my chandelier-from-mini-blind-event.  Not bad right?



Welp in case you missed it I got my crafty butt served by the talented Marylena with her rendition of a curly 80’s hairdo chandie and Daniel who blew my mind with his kick awesome curvalicious waterfall chandelier.


Here below is the hot mess I created.


Anyone want this in your house?  No? Half spray painted and bejeweled chandelier ain’t your thing, huh? Okay so even though I didn’t make it past the first round I had an amazing experience. Overall, it was a killer opportunity for me and great for the crafting niche to get that kind of exposure.

It was the most stressful and fun-all-at-the-same-time hour of my life!  But I love a good competition and never back down from a challenge.  Uh yes that gets me in trouble a lot.


Your questions answered…

What is really just one hour? Yes it was just one hour.  Like for real.  60 minutes, 3,600 seconds…one hour.

Who was your assistant?  My super talented Auntie Dee Dee.  She was my perfect balance because she is so calm and upbeat and can work with my intense personality.  I got a little bossy at the end there…sorry Auntie Dee Dee. She also is a set designer for a large church in the Chicagoland area so she could think large scale and she has many more years of experience with design and form.


Do you feel you got robbed?  Ummm no, I think the judges were insanely fair and mine was clearly not as good as Marylena and Daniels.  I was totally okay with losing to them.  I certainly don’t think I could have hung with Daniel’s $10K winning wine display in round 2.  Plus both Marylena and Daniel are professional artists, they studied form and function, while I am a self-taught crafter sniffing spray paint for a living.  I told my hubby never did I feel more like a corn-fed midwest crafty momma than competing against those two. I bow to their awesomeness.

What would you have changed about your design? I really did the best I could in the hour I had.  Looking back maybe if I would have just painted the innards white maybe it would have looked better, but definitely not enough to move me to round 2. Believe me if I thought I could rebuild it to show it looking rockin’ on my blog and redeem myself I would! Ain’t no way to make it look better peeps.

Would you do it again even if you had the same outcome? Heck yes!  It was so much fun and an opportunity you don’t get everyday!  Plus I was in LA so when I got the boot I went to the fabric district and did a little shopping.  I also got to say “jacked up” on national TV twice and I was having a good hair day. Win!

Thank you to everyone who watched and supported me.  Your Facebook messages, tweets, and emails made me realize why I love my creative community so much!  Thanks for loving on this Craft Wars loser.  Mwwwah! OXOX

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  1. Even though you took the bronze, it was so exciting seeing you on the show. I was squealing to my husband “I know her! Well, OK we’ve never met in person but I love her blog” . I don’t think I could ever come up with ANYTHING under that kind of pressure. It was obvious you took it in stride and had fun with it and what a great experience.

  2. Becky, you are a winner in my book for being able to on the same show – shown nationally, no less! – as two professional designers like that. You rock on with your crafty momma skillz!

  3. Just finished watching it on DVR. Loved seeing you on national TV!!! I thought you did a great job.

  4. So awesome! Way to get on the show! You are amazing!

    @ Creatively Living

  5. That show is super stressful for me! The tasks that they set forth go way over my craft-challenged head and totally admire you for putting yourself out there and competing with some of the best. An opportunity like that is hard to come by and it seems to have opened many more doors for you as a result. Congrats to that!

    ~ Ferly
    Gifts We Use {to grow, love and serve}

  6. I thought you handled yourself beautifully and I can’t imagine having to “craft on demand” with only 60 minutes to develop an idea and create it. It must have been an incredible experience!

  7. My husband kept asking me each Tuesday, “Is that blogger you follow on tonight?” You did great — it was fun to watch and by far the best episode of craft wars of the season.

  8. loved the enthusiasm…and think yo did great…and the post is kick fun to read…Brave very Brave…with red hair tooo.. you put yourself out their….not easy to do…..thanks for the post

  9. I watched the show last night and was so excited to see you! I thought you did great with what you had to work with! I’ve watched every Craft Wars and think it’s crazy that they don’t give you much time for the “pop” craft and expect “perfection!” I really did like the style of your chandelier the best!!!

  10. I have to check out the episode. But having the courage to go out there and do your thing ( on national TV, no less) is such a big deal. Not to mention the sporting spirit! I bow to your spirit and spunk.

  11. OK…you were definitely the best and cutest dressed. And you were in L.A. and didn’t call me? Oh, now I’m just totally bummed..I could’ve given you a great tour of Burbank and all our media-ness! I would’ve had you over for lunch too. OK, next time you’re here, you call me 🙂

    Becky B.
    Organizing Made Fun

  12. I didn’t catch the show but I can’t imagine how stressed I would be trying to finish an amazing project in one hour. And really – I think your chandy turned out pretty well considering the constraints – although the others really are amazing. I like to think I’m creative and inventive until I see people like that – then I just feel like a wannabe.

  13. Oh.My.Word!!!!! You never cease to amaze me. Look where you’ve gone since the days in the Summit Room making bottle cap magnets. Drove by your old house the other day and just smiled at what life has brought you since your days there 🙂

  14. Thank you Amy for watching and supporting. I was just happy I didn’t cry and didn’t look like an idiot. I am sure with all of the words that came out of my mouth they could have made me look like a psycho.

  15. Dare I say it? I’ve watched Craft Wars a couple of times and tried to like it, but I do not. With that being said, I past the channel the other night when it was on and had to stop just because I recognized you and thought “I ‘know’ that girl.” Congrats on the great exposure tv was for you….I’m glad you had a great time.

  16. Well, when the time comes to host your own show, (no doubt you’ll be fielding offers should crafting become more mainstream TV) I can only hope to be one of your guests. (Here’s where the mother in me kicks in…) I was SO proud of you and every minute you were on the show. I love that you brought your aunt. It was such a pleasure to watch you two in action. I hope this brings you lots of fantastic opportunities, we all know you’ve earned it from all the great work you’ve done over the years.

  17. Beckie, I haven’t seen the episode yet, but the photos look great- you look beautiful! And you are so much more than a “corn-fed crafty momma”! You are a professional blogger, loving mother and wife and daughter of the King! I’m glad you had so much fun- I can’t wait to watch the episode!

  18. I was SO excited when I saw you were on Craft Wars! Huge Kudos to you for doing it and doing it well. I actually loved your chandelier but it was so much fun to see one of my crafty blog idols on t.v. AND!!! You got to meet TORI SPELLING = Total Win! Fantastic Job, you’re amazing!

  19. I reallly enjoy your participation. But to me real mess was the chandelier from the other lady. your lamp look good, except for the color, and i know time is gold. I was surprise when they let you go. Maybe next time. And im shure yoy enjoy it to the max. Thank you Beckie for your inspiration.

  20. My daughter and I were watching. I was so excited when I saw you, because I felt like I knew you. I had to show my daughter your blog. Congrats on the opportunity!

  21. Oh my gosh Cathe your comment meant the most to me. Seriously I have looked up to you as a blogger and designer for years. To read you write that was so touching and affirming. Thank you for not just thinking it but for taking time to say that too.

  22. From one corn-fed midwest crafty momma to another…. You did a great job! (fellow Hoosier here) I was thrilled to see your episode. You are so cute with the personality to match. You should feel very, very proud!

  23. I watched your episode and I have to say… you did a great job! You are definitely an inspiration for me! I admire you for going on the show and not letting it get you down even though you didn’t win.

  24. The girls and I are watching you on our DVR right now. We are rooting for you and I flipped out when I saw you on the trailer- I yelled out, “that’s Becky my bloggy friend!” so fun to see you my friend and to root for you!!! So fun and stressful at the same time. Xoxo MaryLea

  25. I came upon your blog awhile ago, and as I was watching the show I realized it was you!! How cool that you go to go on the show. You did a great job. You are one classy lady too, and the way you carried yourself on the show and how you talk about the other contestants demonstrates that. I don’t know what I would have done with the blinds: probably taken one look and run out the door maybe, ha! That must have been very exciting to see yourself on TV too!

  26. I just started watching – yeah DVR and I was like wait a second, I’ve pinned (and loved) those projects! Love your work! Maybe you didn’t win 10k but you are a master crafter no doubt!! Thanks for all your inspiration!


  27. I love that you didn’t make any excuses about “losing”. You’re awesome.

    My 9 year old and I were rooting for you and she was so sad when you didn’t make it through to round 2. She said, “None of you bloggers make it through, Mom. I think it’s because you guys like to make a big mess.” Uhm…okay? LOL!

    I’m proud of you! You looked great!! XO

  28. Becky!
    I’ve been holding off reading this blog post until I had a chance to watch this Craft Wars episode. My daughters watched with me and asked me, “Which one’s your friend?” lol
    Great job! I was so rooting for you!
    I can’t even imagine trying to come up with a chandelier out of *anyhing* let alone mini blinds. Lol

  29. I hope that one of the lifestyle channels in the England will buy this series so that we can all be inspired. It would be great to see you in action.
    i think what you did in 1 hour was amazing, if it had been me i would have still been un-gluing my fingers from the glue gun by the time they told us to finish.
    anyway keep showing us all your amazing project your a winner in my book anyway!:)

  30. You did great, and I think that your concept was the most accessible as far as “who would want this in their home..?” Who has room for a giant, curved, light “sculpture”? Who wouldn’t get tired of the curly-cue chandy after a few months? Yours was a classic design that had broad appeal. Were your finishes great? No. But you only had an hour. Personally, I would love to see what you could do to the same exact design if you had more time. I think it would be amazing.

  31. We ditched cable when we moved, so I’ve never seen this show. But, why are trained artists competing on a “craft” show? That seems unfairly stacked against you. Regardless, it sounds like you had a lot of fun!

  32. Sarah they wanted talent of all shapes and sizes I guess. They were great competitors and I have no qualms with how they chose their peeps. to even be put in the same category as that talent was amazing.

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