Craft Wars

Ummm yes, that redhead you saw on TV last night was me!  I was one of the contestants on Craft Wars airing on TLC.  If you missed the show and you want to watch it you can purchase it for $1.99 on ITunes.  I am in the episode “Blinded By the Light.”


Did you like my 16 minutes of fame!?  Well I took the bronze medal in my chandelier-from-mini-blind-event.  Not bad right?



Welp in case you missed it I got my crafty butt served by the talented Marylena with her rendition of a curly 80’s hairdo chandie and Daniel who blew my mind with his kick awesome curvalicious waterfall chandelier.


Here below is the hot mess I created.


Anyone want this in your house?  No? Half spray painted and bejeweled chandelier ain’t your thing, huh? Okay so even though I didn’t make it past the first round I had an amazing experience. Overall, it was a killer opportunity for me and great for the crafting niche to get that kind of exposure.

It was the most stressful and fun-all-at-the-same-time hour of my life!  But I love a good competition and never back down from a challenge.  Uh yes that gets me in trouble a lot.


Your questions answered…

What is really just one hour? Yes it was just one hour.  Like for real.  60 minutes, 3,600 seconds…one hour.

Who was your assistant?  My super talented Auntie Dee Dee.  She was my perfect balance because she is so calm and upbeat and can work with my intense personality.  I got a little bossy at the end there…sorry Auntie Dee Dee. She also is a set designer for a large church in the Chicagoland area so she could think large scale and she has many more years of experience with design and form.


Do you feel you got robbed?  Ummm no, I think the judges were insanely fair and mine was clearly not as good as Marylena and Daniels.  I was totally okay with losing to them.  I certainly don’t think I could have hung with Daniel’s $10K winning wine display in round 2.  Plus both Marylena and Daniel are professional artists, they studied form and function, while I am a self-taught crafter sniffing spray paint for a living.  I told my hubby never did I feel more like a corn-fed midwest crafty momma than competing against those two. I bow to their awesomeness.

What would you have changed about your design? I really did the best I could in the hour I had.  Looking back maybe if I would have just painted the innards white maybe it would have looked better, but definitely not enough to move me to round 2. Believe me if I thought I could rebuild it to show it looking rockin’ on my blog and redeem myself I would! Ain’t no way to make it look better peeps.

Would you do it again even if you had the same outcome? Heck yes!  It was so much fun and an opportunity you don’t get everyday!  Plus I was in LA so when I got the boot I went to the fabric district and did a little shopping.  I also got to say “jacked up” on national TV twice and I was having a good hair day. Win!

Thank you to everyone who watched and supported me.  Your Facebook messages, tweets, and emails made me realize why I love my creative community so much!  Thanks for loving on this Craft Wars loser.  Mwwwah! OXOX

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