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So last I left you off at the front room of my studio. Yes, I have two rooms for my craft room/studio. Originally it was a sitting room/dining room combo. Now it is a craft storage/sewing table room and then the other room houses my craft island/table and my paints.

I mentioned before my craft room in Indiana was completely custom and hand built by me. All of the floor to ceiling cabinets were amazing but it did take me 4 months to complete. So I decided to go with a semi-homemade option and got stock IKEA Ivar cabinets.

However, I did bring with me my craft island and my secret paint door.

Craft Paint Storage Hidden Door

My most favorite part of my craft room is my paint cabinet door (click the link to learn how to build it).

There is something so sneaky about being able to open the paint door cabinet and have my ironing board and cutting matt behind it. I think it is the little girl in me fulfilling my dreams of a secret room or something 😉


I used two piano hinges cut to size and screwed it into a stud to hold the door in place. Plus it has some casters on the bottom so not all the weight is on the hinge. I also added a small hook and eye on the side of the door to keep it closed.


Once opened it houses a wall mounted drop-down ironing board that I made for cheap, as well as my quilting rulers and cutting mats.

I don’t sew all that often, but when I do, it is nice to have my ironing board readily available. However, the door allows it to be tucked away the majority of the time when it is not in use.


Isn’t it so fun?  I am still giddy over this door, even 3 years later.


Plus it is wonderful to have all my craft paints on display, rather than in a drawer or cabinet somewhere.



In addition to the paint storage door I also have the Billy Bookcase Hack that I made into a dresser last year. It is so colorful and a great place to store cords for some of my crafting machines, and well as supplies like vinyl and gold foil for my Minc Machine.

craft-room-inspiration (2)

On top of the bookshelf turned drawer set sits my daughter’s Perler beads. I keep them all organized and out of reach for now.

She is only 7 and has to ask to do Perler beads, if not they end up in every nook and cranny of the room. Tutorial for the clock is right here.



I still have the other wall in this room to decorate.  But I am the type of person who doesn’t want to just throw something on the walls just to have it finished.

I want to love each of my spaces so I am okay with a blank wall until inspiration strikes. I will keep you posted on this!

craft-studio (2)

Many of you have asked the color that is on my craft room walls, as well as my entire house (minus my office). It is called Nantucket Mist by Dutch Boy. I am in love with the color.

If you go to Lowes, they can mix it for you in Valspar too. It is the perfect all over neutral gray.

Stonewall Jackson, a shade darker, is phenomenal too. And two shades darker, Sheet Metal, is the color I have in my office. Gray is hard to pick without finding too much purple or green in it.

This is just beautiful!

craft-room-inspiration (3)


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