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So in post 1 and post 2 of my craft room makeover series I shared with you how I turned some IKEA Ivar cabinets into built-in storage for my craft room.  Now I am taking you across the room to the other side to see the storage I added on that wall.  I had a couple challenges on this wall.  Number one there was a return vent on the wall.

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return vent obstacle

That made putting cabinets all the way across impossible without rerouting that.  Second, I didn’t have a wall to the left and right that I could set the cabinets between and anchor in and then trim out.  I had an entrance area from my kitchen on that wall as well.  Plus I wanted an area that I could occasionally use for sewing.  After pondering this wall and all the different options I could do I ended up with this….

craft room inspiration

I still used two IVAR cabinet bases, but then I added 4 IVAR drawers below those to hold my fabric.  Now I love the cabinet bases but the drawers are built a little too cheap in my opinion.  All they have to hold the content in the drawer is a 1/4” fiberboard bottom.  I have one drawer with heavyweight fabric in it that is already starting to bow. So if you are planning on storing bricks in the drawers then they aren’t for you {giggle}.  That being said I still love the way they turned out but will probably have to provide new drawer bottoms or support to them long-term. A small price to pay (in my DIY opinion) to achieve the look I did.

craft studio makeover

Also if you look to the right of the cabinet you can see I hung some extra seating onto the side of them.  And then to the left I have a table with two pull up leaves to make my sewing table.  I opted to use the Norden table from IKEA and the Terje chairs for a number of reasons.  I loved the fact that the Norden had 6 deep drawers for storing sewing machine supplies in them, as well as the fact that when it is not in use I can push it to the left of the cabinets and drop the leaves down.  I just added some felt pads on the bottom to make moving easier.

norden table IKEA

That doorway to the left leads to my kitchen, so a second function of the Norden is it can serve as a “kids” table when we need more seating.  Win win win!

craft studio inspiration

Plus the folding Terje chairs have a hole in the back of them which is perfect for hanging them out of the way.  I used two of the Bjarnum hooks and drilled them into the side of the cabinet to hold the chairs when not in use.  They are wide enough to accommodate two of the chairs on each hook.

craft studio makeover

bjarnum hooks

Then I just remove them from the hook and unfold them when I am ready to use them.  The only negative is I have to run an extension cord to use my sewing machines.  I may add an outlet to the floor someday.  But since the sewing table is usually put away I am not sure if I would like an outlet in the middle of the room.  I am still pondering that.

beautiful craft room

On the drawers I opted for a small T knobs from D. Lawless Hardware.  I liked how it flowed with the bar pulls I chose for the cabinets.

knobs for craft room

craft room storage

Also many of you asked about the floors.  They are from Lowes and they are Pergo Max Providence Hickory.  I can’t tell you how much I love these floors.  I will definitely do a follow up post on these soon.

And here is the entire room with both sides of cabinets.  I was slightly concerned about how the tray ceiling would look (this is technically a formal dining room).  However, since I didn’t paint it the wall color, but rather a white ceiling paint color it doesn’t look odd.

craft room organization

And there you can see the doorway to my kitchen and the unblocked return vent.  I do make sure to move the table far enough away from the vent when it is pushed back to still allow air flow.

craft studio

craft room inspiration

I will talk about the art and the curtains in a future post.  But here is a sneak peek at the other half of my studio.  Yes there is more!

craft room finished

Disclaimer:  I reached out to IKEA to see if they wanted to partner with me on my studio makeover.  All IKEA products were provided by IKEA, the design and studio plan was my idea.

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  1. ill be honest your last craft studio was AMAZING and I’m sure you missed it terribly in the beginning. This room is lovely and budget friendly I already have the table, I put mine on castors for easy moving. I love the “built in storage you’ve given me some great ideas for my room. Looking forward to seeing what you create in there. Also the norden table is brilliant for when you’re doing things and need plenty of floor space.

  2. Thank you so much, Mel. I cannot tell you how much I missed my studio in the beginning. I kinda hurt. 😉 However, I am loving the new space I have created too. Thank you again for your encouraging commment! 🙂

  3. We are putting down the providence hickory ………just wondered what your kitchen cabinets look like with this flooring…. thank you

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