Ok so I told you I went and visited my cousin Karen who lives in Fort Wayne. We were super tight growing up. She is two years older and I remember idolizing her as a child. I remember praying that God would make me look as beautiful as Karen one day. I also remember everyone liked Karen. She is so easy to be around and no one ever had a bad word to say about her (unlike yours truly). We were the two oldest cousins so we pretty much ruled the house when all of us got together. Here we are getting into trouble trying on some of my mom’s wigs. (I have no idea why my mom had wigs she never actually wore them).

Yah the mole is fake. I must have thought that was dead sexy. Here we are all grown up.

Besides the fact that she is brown (half Assyrian) and I am translucent there is definitely a family resemblance. Maybe I look like her after all. 😀

And I had to add one of our adorable kids. Karsen (4), Isaac (19 months).