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Are you sick and tired of my Hershey Kiss Boards?  Well I sure hope not.  With Thanksgiving right around the corner it makes me reflect upon the gratefulness I feel for all the things God has done in my life. The “Count your Blessings” Hershey Kiss Board is perfect for your kids to get into the spirit of thankfulness.  Of course, in exchange for telling you something they are grateful for, they get a Hershey Kiss. it might be fun to do after Thanksgiving dinner with your guests.

thanksgiving hershey kiss board


Electric Drill

3/4 paddle drill bit

220 grit sandpaper

12” x 12” x 1/2” MDF board

Hershey Kisses

Glue Dots

Glitter paper by American Craft

Silhouette machine

Mod Podge

Foam brush or roller

Martha Stewart Craft Paint: Metallic Copper, Yellow Gold and Sterling, and Chesnut Brown

Martha Stewart Four Season Stencil

Martha Stewart Stencil Brushes

Martha Stewart Stencil spray




1.  Mark and drill your holes where you want them.  I chose to have 14 kisses – you can add more or less.  Spray prime and paint your board.  I ended up using the Martha Stewart Craft paint by Plaid Crafts in Chesnut Brown because I was looking for a specific color.

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (23)

2.  I struggled to find paper that I liked that was autumnish.  In fact, I did a whole other board I did not care for with paper and vinyl…


Anywhoooo….I decided to use the Martha Stewart Four Seasons stencil by Plaid Crafts to add some leaves to the right of my board.  I alternated with her metallic paints in sterling, yellow gold and copper.

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (14)

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (24)

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (28)

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (31)

3.  To add a color pop I cut out “Count Your Blessings” with American Crafts Pow Glitter Cardstock in Marine.  Then I Mod Podged it onto my board.  I also added strips of it to the edges of the board.

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (8)

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (11)

4.  Then I printed and cut out orange numbers onto white cardstock with my Silhouette machine and used Glut Dots to adhere them to the Hershey Kisses.

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (6)

thanksgiving hershey kiss board (9)

Happy Thanksgiving! Another thing I am super grateful for is–YOU! Thank you for taking time to stop by each day and see what I am up to.  I hope I will continue to inspire you to create.

If you would like to order the vinyl for this board or any of my kiss boards it is available HERE from Say It On the Wall.

Click below to see more of my kiss boards.

kiss boardkissboards2

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  1. This turned out fantastic and now I’m craving chocolate! The sparkly leaf stencils are just the right touch without being too much. Enjoy your projects!

  2. This turned out so great. I love that you’ve adapted this project for all of the seasons and I especially love this one since of course I’m thankful for chocolate!!

  3. I just thought the white vinyl was too stark. I liked the metallic one with the paints, it seems more fallish. Although I was really hoping the turq one would win out because i adore that color.

  4. I was just going to ask the same question!! I want to make some for early Christmas presents!! Would Dum Dum suckers fit, we have an allergy in the family? I know they would stick out the back but there is a hole already. What do you think?

  5. sick of them? Are you kidding? Actually, I’m wondering if you’ve considered making these into kits. like, pre-drilled boards that people could just paint & decorate how they want? just a thought. I know you need some other projects to fill up your life. Ha ha!

    I am with Amy — I like the turquoise one too. But I love the metallic paints on Brown. And, of course I’ll always go for paint. 😀

  6. Wow they all look amazing! I have a couple of suggestions for your Christmas boards maybe little reindeer antlers to go above the holes and reindeers faces (like the bunny ones) to go on the kisses , that would be cute. Or little elves hats and ears for around the holes and then elves faces on the chocolates. Just some ideas 🙂

  7. HAHA! I have thought about it. If I could hire it out I would so do it, but it isn’t worth my time to do it. But I think people would love the kits.

  8. For lollies you might want to use a somewhat thicker board of solid wood and get an angle jig to drill the stick holes in at a steep angle, instead. Paint flowers (or sun rays) behind (like on the Easter board) to set off the lollypop.

    Gosh, I’ve been saving the white screw caps from 1/2 gal. milk containers for years (you know, because they look like they might be useful for some craft project), and you’ve just given me a host of ideas on how to use them up! I’m off to the hardware store to find a drill bit the correct size/shape/type!


  9. ADORABLE!!!! My friend and I are going to do a Christmas version of this. We just can’t come up with a cute saying other than “Count Down to Christmas” or just plain “Merry Christmas.” Were you going to post your version soon? Or give us a sneak peak?! We would love some more ideas!!

  10. Just wondering if you have already done a christmas one, and what it says. Yes, I got all the stuff to make one, but can’t seem to find a christmas one. Any help would be appreciated. I LOVE these, thanks for sharing all your darling ideas!!

  11. Can’t wait to see what it says and looks like. I thought of “Kiss”mas Countdown, but just would like to see what you come up with before I give a few of these away. I am anxiously waiting 🙂

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