Cotton Ball Bracelet Tutorial


braeletHere is a quick, easy and inexpensive project.  I call it the Cotton Ball Bracelet.  All you use is yarn, glue and wooden balls to create this funky bracelet…




I made this about a year and half ago.  I just wore it today and thought I would repost this since so many of you have never seen it.


9-10 3/4" wood balls


Mod Podge


Beading Elastic

Satin Ribbon

Long Needle to Poke a Hole With

1. Cut a 30" piece of yarn the color of your choice. Find the middle. Slather on Mod Podge around the entire middle of the ball. And I mean slather…make it thick. Lay the middle of the yarn down onto the ball.

2. Using a small paintbrush slather glue on as you go and keep wrapping the yard around the ball on 1/2 of the ball. Try and get the yarn as close as possible but don’t worry about spaces we will deal with that later.

3. Tuck the ends in. Don’t worry if you cover the hole, you can pierce it open later. The key is to work fast so you have time to manipulate it.

4. Now do the other side of the ball the same way. When it is all covered with yarn roll the ball in your hand like you would roll dough to form a ball. Since you worked fast the glue should still be wet and moveable. This will squish the yarn together and fill in the gaps. You will have a perfectly yarn covered ball. Let it dry completely…like maybe an hour or so.

5. Grab something to pierce the holes wit. I used a long, thick kid’s needle.

6. Then string the beading elastic through each one. Tie a tight overhand knot.

7. Cut the ends. Then take a little bit of satin ribbon and tie a bow around it.

Here is one using 1" wooden balls. It is a little large…but fun and funky also.