Confessions of a REAL Mom

Ok in an effort to be open and honest about my shortcomings I have a confession to make. Sometimes I don’t listen to my mom’s advice. I know it is horrible. I certainly don’t want Isaac to follow my footsteps in that. I definitely want him to listen to his mommy.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my mom. She is definitely my biggest cheerleader. I tell her everything. She makes me laugh. She is great to talk to. Best of all she is the best at empathizing with me. But sometimes (not all the time) she gives advice that I well. . .don’t agree with. For example, if I listen to my mom Isaac would look like this whenever he is not sleeping.

But come on mom. HE IS A BOY! He is supposed to have bumps and bruises. I think every mommy of a boy sees her little lamb in the ER. I mean I don’t want to go to the ER but my bags are packed just in case. I have a curious, fearless little guy on my hands. So here is where my story begins.

I was talking to my mom on videocam a couple of nights ago. She is talking to Isaac and he is hamming it up of course. He is on top of the slide we own. And what happens? He falls off the slide and hit the back of his head on a lego. And of course my mom gave me the “YOU NEED TO PUT THAT KID IN A HELMET” line. Why does he have to fall when my mom is watching!? Dang it why does life happen that way? So I got off the videocam with her and he was bleeding. (I didn’t tell my mom that part). Uh-oh now she nows. The back of his head was cut on the lego. It wasn’t gushing and no it wasn’t our first trip to the ER. Nor was it his first blood.

Another piece of advice my mom gives me is to put Isaac in 100% cotton pajamas. I am all for cotton but I even more for saving money. Someone gave me a polyester pair of feet pajamas for Isaac. It seemed a little cold last night so I figured those warm babies would be a good idea. WRONG! He had somehow wrapped himself in his reallly warm blanket and woke up at midnight drenched. I am not talking a little sweaty. I am talking the kid just looked like he got out of the bathtub wet. So what do I do? I strip him down and listen to my mom and put 100% cotton pajamas on him while Tim changed his bedsheet. He went fast asleep after that (it must have been the 100% cotton :-). Well at 5:30 in the morning we heard a THUD. I mean a 33-lb. THUD followed my a screaching cry. So I kick into turbo-mom gear and run and pick up my little lamb off the floor. Somehow when we were changing the bedsheets we didn’t lock the bedrail in place. And what does my little lamb do? Climb over the edge and land on his head. So now he has two gooseeggs on his head all because I didn’t listen to my mom.

So what do you think? Should I get one? 🙂