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Hey, all! It’s time for yet another bathroom reveal here on Infarrantly Creative. I left you last with my shiplapped half bath makeover reveal on my main floor— leaving that floor completely decorated! WOO HOO!! I always joke that once I finish redecorating every room in this house, we will have to move so that I can do it all again. But I have to say, I am loving how finished my home is beginning to feel!! 

Before the half bath makeover, I turned a ridiculously oversized guest bath into a third-floor laundry area (insert heavenly choir singing “Hallelujah†here) and a reasonably sized guest bath. So I guess you could say I am on a bathroom kick. And what might my next project be? You guessed it! My master bath. 

As far as this project goes though, I am so happy with how the room turned out. And my kids love it, too!

I decided to let my assistant Sophie pitch me a couple design ideas for the room. I just told her that it needed to feel fun without screaming “KIDS BATHROOM†and it needed to be appropriate for a boy and girl shared space. She loves to decorate and be creative, so I thought she would have fun with it! If you’d like to see both of the design idea boards she thought up, I made a post about them here. But this is the one that we decided we liked best in the end. Though we strayed from this idea a bit, it gave us a good foundation: grey walls, black cabinets, a “built in†shelf on the vanity, geometric mirrors and hardware, and lots of pops of color and gold accents!

And here are a couple of photos to give you an idea of how the bathroom started off. Anyone just swooning over the bar lights, trim overspray, and builder grade everything? No? Didn’t think so!

So first off was the walls and flooring. I painted the walls with Nantucket Mist by Dutch Boy and I used Smoky Dusk Aquaguard flooring, which is my favorite bathroom flooring option. You can read all about why I love it here. Tim and I were able to get it all laid in only about 5 hours! I’m pretty sure we broke some records with that time.

Next I primed and painted the cabinets in black, using my HomeRight paint sprayer for the doors and drawer fronts. If you have some cabinets or other furniture you’d like to paint, this sprayer makes it 10x easier and provides a more finished look. I definitely recommend investing in one! The paint we used was the Benjamin Moore Advance line – the ONLY PAINT I will now use for cabinets after using it on my kitchen cabinets and seeing how amazing it has held up.

Underneath the cabinets I spray painted an ombre effect onto the legs of a white BEKVAM stool, just to add a bit more color. I used Krylon’s Catalina Mist and Sea Glass and was digging the result!

I dressed up the cabinets with some modern gold knobs and pulls from my favorite – D Lawless Hardware. You can find the exact ones I used here and here.

Next, I ordered 2 of these gold hexagon mirrors to replace the massive builder-grade one that was there initially. The size and shape of these were perfect, but it turned out that the color was a little too orangey for our space. I ended up spray painting the mirrors and lights a more true gold, which worked out because it ensured that they matched one another in color. I completed the vanity with these simple towel hooks and some hand towels, and bam! That is one good looking vanity right there!

There was no way we could have replaced the large mirror with the two smaller mirrors and not add anything in-between. That vanity is loooongggg. To break up the space, we hacked a classic IKEA Gersby Bookcase into a “built-in†looking storage space. After we chopped the shelf and backboard down to an appropriate size, we cut a couple of inches out of the back of the shelf on both sides so that it was able to rest right on top of the backsplash. After assembling, we added molding to the top and painted the whole unit black to match the cabinets. Then we simply screwed through the backboard into a stud and then used black caulk around the base, and that was enough to secure it!

To decorate the shelf we used a wood flower box and matching storage boxes that I made a few years back. That flower box is the perfect size for Mason Jars, which we painted with sea glass spray paint and filled with some bathroom necessities. The plants and pots are from IKEA, but I customized them with a little spray paint and fake flowers.

But my favorite part of these shelves are the gold animals. We thought a good way to make the space feel more playful was to take some plastic animals and spray paint them gold. This would be awesome with action figures, army men, dinosaurs, cars, etc. but we decided to stick with an animal theme. Just like that, those cheap toys become awesome little statement pieces!

I added one above the coral painted “oh poop!†letter board, as well.  The letterboard frame was black so that also got painted the Catalina Mist by Krylon.

The shower curtain was very affordable and adds good color to the room!

And no bathroom is complete without some animal behinds, right? My kids got a kick out of these. The photos were a download from this Etsy store, and they have a bunch of other animals to choose from, too! They are in MOSSEBO frames from IKEA, spray painted of course. For a finishing touch, I whipped up the little tray to carry the wood texture through the room and topped it with an IKEA plant and gold figurine. 

There’s one more room checked off the list. Whatcha guys think?

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