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As a DIYer I really have enjoyed the jewelry out there that has been made out of supplies you can find at the hardware store. It is so fun to peruse the hardware aisles and stretch your imagination to find something that you can turn into jewelry.

So upon rummaging through the bins at Lowes I found cotter pins. Don’t ask me what they are for in real life.

But, today, in my life, they make a fantastic necklace paired with some nuts.

DIY JEWLERY | Making this necklace simply involved heading to your local hardware store. This is the perfect gift for a DIY girl made by

I already played around with bolts and nuts in this gorgeous and simple Hex Nut Necklace. And also with this Mixed Metal Filigree Ball Necklace. Love them!

The Supplies:

  • 5 cotter pins (Lowes)
  • 6 nuts (Lowes)
  • Krylon Dual in Copper Metallic
  • Krylon Cover Maxx in Purple Gloss
  • necklace cording (Jo-Ann Fabric & Crafts Stores)


Of course you can spray them whatever color you want. I chose purple and copper.


I found it easiest to hang the cotter pin in order to spray.

Let them dry well before you remove them from the wire.

If you want added protection you can spray them with a clear sealer.


When you spray the nuts you can spray them flat and then flip them.

With Krylon’s Dual and Cover Maxx there is no need to prime them beforehand.


Once dry slide them on your necklace cording.



hardware-necklace (2)

It is custom, creative and a DIY girl would love it as a gift.


Love the idea of creating jewelry with hardware check out…

Nuts & Bolts Necklace

nutsandboltsnecklace thumb


Hex Nuts Necklace

hex nut necklace 2

Mixed Metal Filigree Necklace


This project was completed in cooperation with Krylon’s Color of the Month.

Each month they feature a different color palette.

This month is the Narrate Palette (picture below) with a focus on the color Purple.

They asked me to create a jewelry project using Purple and the necklace was what I came up with.

Narrate thumb


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