Christmas Morning Breakfast Wreath Recipe

This Christmas Breakfast won’t let you down!

I am so excited to be partnering with Hatch on this post. 

Who is Hatch?

They are a non-profit organization, ran by Elanco Animal Health, dedicated to providing eggs to undernourished families.

Did you know the egg is a complete protein? Another bonus is that eggs are inexpensive.

What I love about Hatch is that even a little can go a long way in feeding a family. 

For only $1.50 you can give a dozen eggs and feed a family in need.  This is a great way for little ones to get involved in being generous.  To know their $1.50 is feeding a family goes a long way to empower your kids to give in bigger ways in the future. 

So today I am making an egg dish to encourage you to give.  Will you consider making a donation, even if it is only $1.50? 

Every bit helps!  Get your family involved.

christmas breakfast morning

The Ingredients for the Christmas Wreath:

1/2 pound of sausage

11 eggs

1/4 cup of water

2 packages of crescent rolls

1/2 cup of shredded cheddar cheese

How To Make the Christmas Morning Breakfast Wreath

1.  Cook up the sausage breaking it up into little pieces as it cooks.

2.  Crack 10 eggs, add 1/4 cup of water and whip them up.  Then go ahead and scramble them up.

christmas brunch
suasage egg cheese cresent roll wreath christmas

3.  Mix the sausage and eggs together.  Add salt and pepper if you want. 

At this point you can put them in the refrigerator if you are prepping this the night before.

christmas breakfast scramble

4.  Spread out 2 packages of crescent rolls overlapping them as you go on a pizza stone or similar pan. 

Press the edges together to seal them.

christmas morning breakfast ideas

5.  Add your sausage egg mixture to the rolls.

christmas breakfast wreath

6.  Spread out your cheese evenly.

christmas breakfast ideas

7.  Tuck your crescent roll strips up and pinch to catch the inside of the dough.

christmas breakfast ring

8.  Whip up another egg and use as an egg wash for the top.  This will give it a nice golden brown.

christmas breakfast eggs
christmas eggs

9.  Bake for 375 degrees from 18-20 minutes.  Let cool for 5 minutes.

I added some greenery and a fruit dish in the middle to make it more festive and complete.

christmas breakfast egg wreath

It is not only pretty but it is super yummy.  You can add veggies also.

I know my family so I didn’t add them.  After all, Christmas morning is supposed to be happy. 

Veggies + my kids + Christmas = sad face

christmas cresent roll wreath
christmas breakfast casserole
christmas breakfast casserole dish

How neat would it be to let your kids give some of their chore money to give a dozen eggs to a needy family? 

On Christmas, when you serve this, you can remind them of the gift they gave. You can donate at to give a gift that makes someone else’s holiday season a little brighter.

christmas egg cresent roll circle
HATCH_logo_TM (1)

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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